Mental Toughness Training is the edge young athletes need to compete in todays sports world. Craig Sigl’s training is life-changing. Athletes can practice all day long, but if they don’t master their emotions they will never realize their potential on the court or field. I highly recommend this training for up and coming athletes.  

Matt Bruback - former Major League Baseball Pitcher

  As a professional football player you have to train to be mentally tough. The Mental Toughness Trainer provides the edge young athletes need to compete in todays sports world. Craig Sigl’s training is life-changing.

John Bronson - former NFL player for the Arizona Cardinals

3 Best Exercises for Off Ice Hockey Training


Coach Nye Talks Hockey… The ‘How To’ to better development of a hockey player can be very complicated.  There are so many off ice hockey instructions and exercises out there we wonder who to believe. When I am speaking to young hockey players I always suggest keeping things to the basic movements in hockey which Read More …

What is a sports psychologist and is coach a decent substitute?

sports psychologist

In plain language, sports psychologists are coaches who consult and train athletes on improving their mental game. This new type of coaching only began in the 1970’s and has quickly bloomed into a huge part of the sports world.  Professional sports teams often employ sports psychologists to help even the highest level athletes reach their Read More …

What values can our young athletes learn from sports

kid swimmers

“Hello, this is Craig Sigl, how can I help you?” I said as I answered the phone. The sports mom on the other end of the line went on to tell me about her 15 year old daughter who plays softball for club and high school. She went on to tell me how she has Read More …

How I coached a player from “bad attitude” to collegiate all conference


“From Rage to Riches or … …how to go from the guy who kicks dirt and water coolers, throws helmets, and breaks bats, to a collegiate first string all conference clean up hitter batting over .400″ Three years ago a young man was recommended to the program I conduct for college baseball players. Standard practice Read More …

How Brandon Bostick & Athletes Recover From A Choke

Bostick Onside Kick

This past weekend, in American Football,  we saw an amazing comeback by the Seattle Seahawks over the Greenbay Packers.  It was almost miraculous.  With the game having only 5 minutes to go, I actually told my friend that the game is over and the Seahawks have lost. (We are in Seattle so it was quite Read More …

How To Build Confidence In Young Athletes

confidence in youth sports

You’re a coach (or a parent) interested in developing a strong mental game for your athletes, right? First off, let’s define that so we know what we’re talking about here. I define it as: Focused, Confident, Determined and Resilient, especially under pressure. You also know that if your athletes were to play with more of Read More …

Three Soccer Drills For Kids

u12 soccer player

Coach U12 and under soccer players to develop confidence through these drills   Hello! My name is Goran Popovic, and I’m a football/soccer coach with UEFA A license. Today I’m going to show you some soccer drills for players under 12 years of age. These three soccer drills for kids are just like the ones Read More …

Should I let my kids quit sports

kids quit sports

What to do When Kids Decide to Quit Sports   I was recently asked to be a panel member on Huffington Post live (video below) where we discussed the issue whether sports parents should let their kid quit.   This is a very delicate subject that sports parents often must face and regularly ask my Read More …

The Cause and Solution For Overcoming Mental Blocks In Sports


Many athletes in certain sports such as gymnastics, baseball, and golf are extremely vulnerable to mental blocks that keep them from performing like they do in practice or the past. First of all, what is a mental block in sports? It’s where an athlete physically cannot perform a movement or motion that they have demonstrated Read More …

How To Run A Soccer Practice For Youth Players


How to coach youth soccer   The biggest challenge that is faced by a coach is consistently providing an engaging and fun environment for their players. In providing a quality training session soccer coaches assist players to unconsciously improving an array of skills, such as motor, technical, and social, in each training session.   For Read More …

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