Mental Toughness Training is the edge young athletes need to compete in todays sports world. Craig Sigl’s training is life-changing. Athletes can practice all day long, but if they don’t master their emotions they will never realize their potential on the court or field. I highly recommend this training for up and coming athletes.  

Matt Bruback - former Major League Baseball Pitcher

  As a professional football player you have to train to be mentally tough. The Mental Toughness Trainer provides the edge young athletes need to compete in todays sports world. Craig Sigl’s training is life-changing.

John Bronson - former NFL player for the Arizona Cardinals

5 Tips For Avoiding The Crazy Parents and Sports Dilemma

parent arguingwith an official

All over the world, every day, a scene plays out in the sports world: Dad (or mom) is a helicopter parent or living their dreams vicariously through their kid.  Parent spends a lot of time and energy to advocate for the kid with the coaching staff. Parent has as his highest value in life – Read More …

The key to building confidence for sports

Athlete with self-confidence

I’ve written and taught athletes and teams a lot about how to gain confidence in sports on this blog.  In this article, I’m going to give you the key to unlocking your ability to improve it, but let’s start with a basic Dictionary definition: Confidence noun 1. full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or Read More …

Coaches: One-size-fits-all philosophy doesn’t work


This Article you will learn about the Coaches: Develop Mental Strength In Athletes Through Flexibility. I am forever preaching to coaches about the tremendous impact they have on young athlete’s performance and more importantly, their lives outside of sports. Many coaches vastly underestimate the power of being an authority figure and need to understand that Read More …

Top strategies to replace negative thoughts in the athletic mind

Athlete building resilient

Every athlete deals with negative thoughts or self talk as it’s sometimes called.  Even the best competitors on the planet have had their moments of fear, worry, and anxiety.  You can take some comfort in the fact that you are in the same boat as your sports idols when it comes to doubting yourself and Read More …

Believing you can win makes all the difference


I once worked with a world-class athlete who had competed at and then fallen out of the pro ranks and was trying to get back in.  In fact, she had been going against  the top players in the world in her sport 2 different times in her life. Both of those periods were for only Read More …

Mental Training, sport coaches and parents

supportive parents

There have been numerous studies conducted to find out what do highly successful athletes have in common.  Besides the obvious – talent and hard work – a number of surprising conclusions have come to light.  At the top of the list are how much the athlete had support at home and the high quality of Read More …

Religion, Sports, and Mindset: Discover The Power

Christian athlete praying

Julie was 16 when she came to me devastated that she did not make the varsity soccer team.  The varsity coach had seen her play the year before and even complimented her on her excellent defense at the end of a game as she came off the field. She had worked on her game over Read More …

The benefits of sports participation

Youth being addicted to video games

As a sports parent or youth sports coach, you know that sometimes it can feel like it’s the most thankless job on the planet.  There’s a million things you could be doing for all the time you spend with young athletes and sometimes, the lack of appreciation can get you down. So, I’m writing this Read More …

Sports and Life Coaching

coach shouting

You might have seen or heard the term “life coach” and wondered if this is anything like regular sports coaching.  Actually, sports coaches and parents can learn a lot from this profession that will definitely help their athletes performance at any age. First off, what is life coaching? It’s guiding, assisting, and inspiring you to Read More …

How to get a confident shooting hand in basketball

basketball drill

Michael, a 16 year old basketball player has finally made the varsity team at his high school. He lives, eats, and breathes basketball following his favorite stars in the NBA and College.  His dream is to play for UNC like his hero Michael Jordan whom his parents were inspired to name him after. Michael has Read More …

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