How to Choose the Best Sports Performance Training Center for Young Athletes

sports performance trainingAs a parent,choosing the best sports performance training center for your young athletes is essential for his or her field of sport. It is an important factor for your young athlete’s greatness and success in his or her career.

Discover How to Choose the Best Sports Performance Training Center for Young Athletes by watching the video below.

In this video, Peter Vidmar, a world renowned American Gymnast in Olympics History, will guide you to choose training centers which will be best for your young athletes.

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sports performance training

Young gymnast on training

I am not in a position to recommend one specific coach or one specific program over another. I actually serve as the Chairman of the Board of USA Gymnastics.

We have got a lot of great programs in this country.

What I would recommend, for example, is for a parent who is interested in putting their child into a sport, whether it is gymnastics or whether it is any other sport, soccer or whatever, is to go spend a day or more and find all the programs in your area. Don’t just go to the one closest, but find if there are four or five within a reasonable drive of your home, and visit all of them.

Go on a weekday, because on a weekends is when they tend to not have the same proper training for competitions. The week days are when we do the regular training.

sports performance trainingTalk to the coaches or the owners of the program and ask them questions that are important to you about safety, about any certification that might matter to them in that sport.          In USA Gymnastics we have a safety certification program.

We want our coaches to be members of the USA Gymnastics and take all of the proper training.

Ask all of those questions. Then make a decision as to where you are most comfortable sending your child.

sports performance trainingDon’t just go to the one that has the most college scholarships they have given out. Or don’t just go to the one that has won the big title, the league title, or the club title the year before.

Go where you are most comfortable sending your child. That could vary depending on the kid, the athlete, the parent, what their needs are, what you are looking for, what the needs of the child are, and really make an informed decision.

Don’t just go in there and find the one closest to your home and say, “That’s it! The drive is the shortest.” It may not be the best program for your child.

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sports performance trainingPeter Vidmar, the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic history, is a leader in the Olympic movement today. He has worked for many years as the gymnastics commentator for CBS Sports and ESPN.

Peter is also a powerful and entertaining speaker at corporate meeting and trade shows. With over 2 decades of experience, he helps people throughout the country realize their full potential with his message of Risk, Originality and Virtuosity.

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