How Parents Can Play A Major Role In The College Recruiting Process

youth sports parents

There is a very important question that needs to be addressed and that is “How Parents Can Play A Major Role In The College Recruiting Process?” We all know our teenagers can’t do it alone but how do parents help without taking over our teen’s lives?

There are many pieces to the college recruiting process that ultimately comes down to the high school student athlete’s ability to play their sport at the college level. The vital role parents can play in recruiting is when they are in an administrative capacity.

youth sports parentsThis, I believe, is where parents can be very valuable to their student athlete. Parents think about this: how many times have you asked your teenage student athlete to clean their room?

Probably a thousand times. The issue is really about getting those teen-aged athletes to do something. If they’re not going to clean their room then they’re not going to really be expected to handle all of the details of the college recruiting process.

The parent’s job in recruiting is to make sure that their student athlete is writing emails to college coaches or maybe sending a few handwritten letters which, I feel, is an effective way to begin the recruiting process. I’m not saying that parents should write the email or even letters but you can help your student athlete in crafting any correspondence to college coaches.

There’s going to come a time when your student athlete will receive a phone call from a college coach. Prior to this phone call, the parents and student athlete should make a list of questions to ask the college coach.

Sometimes student athletes are not always prepared to ask questions that could be critical to then receiving a full athletic scholarship. If a student athlete is asking questions, that lets the college coach know that the student athlete they are hoping to recruit is smart, intelligent, and, most importantly, interested in their program.

Sometimes if parents are being too eager in the recruiting process they might want to take it upon themselves to call college coaches and ask questions themselves.

I believe this is a gray area because the college coach is not recruiting the parent and the coach would rather hear from the student athlete. One of the more important components of recruiting is putting together a college recruiting package.

This recruiting package can consist of a DVD, a high school transcript, an athletic game schedule, a handwritten letter and any other important information that a college program might need.

Putting together a package has so many details for a student athlete to deal with that the parents, who better understand the importance of such details, can put together this college recruiting package themselves.

youth sports parentsThis would save the hassle of a student athlete having to be tied down with dealing with all those details. High school student athletes have enough pressures to deal with.

They have academic pressure, standardized tests pressures along with maintaining their high athletic standards. The parent’s role should be behind the scenes in an administrative capacity focusing on the details of the college recruiting process.

You really only get one shot at trying to earn a full athletic scholarship, therefore in the quests to earn that scholarship, it will take the group effort of parents assisting student athletes with the details of the college recruiting process.

Parents could look at their role as being a personal assistant to their high school student athlete. Let the student athlete deal with the responsibility of maintaining high academic standards and performing at a high level athletically.

Even though the college recruiting process has many challenges, if parents and student athletes work together the process of going from high school athlete to college athlete could be a smooth transition.

youth sports parentsAl Woods is the Publisher and Chief Editor of Woods Recruiting blog in Cleveland, Ohio.  The Woods Recruiting blog is about providing information on the college recruiting process. I offer my insight and opinions on the step by step process of going from a high school athlete to college athlete

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