Good Gifts For Teenagers


How many gifts do you give the teens in your life, that get used once or twice, then it sits on their shelf or in the back of their closet? Or worse yet, you can’t get them to STOP playing the brain-numbing video game you bought them under pressure.

INTRODUCING…a brand new, cutting edge Mental Toughness Training for Youth Athletes that builds confidence, focus, determination and resiliency in their sport.

The online training has 23 fun-to-watch and interactive videos and 8 guided visualizations they can listen to before their big game or event.

We made sure your teen would actually enjoy watching them and that it does not feel like another “school assignment.”

The downfall of playing sports

Most parents get their kids involved in sports to learn important life lessons like team work, determination, follow-through, and motivation.

Unfortunately though, there are times when athletes make mistakes or have a “bad” season and they can end up having a negative experience.

Our Mental Toughness Training for Youth Athletes gives kids the tools and techniques to overcome any negative thought or situation and quickly bounce back.

It is also perfect for those athletes looking to take their game to the next level to be eligible for a college scholarship or to go on to the pros.

This training helps assure parents that their kids will walk away from playing their sport with a positive experience, whether they are winners or losers.

Easy to purchase and use

The Mental Toughness Training for Youth Athletes is a no-hassle gift. Order it online and your kids will use it online. We also offer a DVD version delivered to your door.

It can be watched on their computers, ipads, cell phones or ipods at anytime and any place. “It’s like having a coach in your pocket”, says Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer.

The training is good for the entire household, so if you have more than one kid, there are no extra costs. The kids get lifetime access, so they can go back whenever they need a boost or a reminder.

Click here to order your gift today!

Who is the Mental Toughness Trainer?

Mental Toughness Academy was created by Craig Sigl, internationally-known Youth Sports Mental Coach, who has helped thousands of youth athletes to overcome performance anxiety, stop choking under pressure and bring their “best” practice game to competition.

More importantly, his work teaches powerful skills that flow into schoolwork, family life and fitting in. Building mental toughness ensures athletes have incredible everyday winning confidence and helps to shape youth athletes into productive, competent adults.

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