The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind: Unlock It, Master it. Now!

power of the mindDid you know that only 3% of your brain’s processing power, is used by your conscious mind and the other 97% is subconscious, unconscious, autonomic, automatic. Isn’t that amazing!

power of the mindFor instance, you don’t have to think about how to breath, blink your eyes or move your arm right? All these things happen on automatic pilot.

Scientists have found that the power of your unconscious mind is perhaps a million times greater than that of your conscious mind. So imagine how powerful you would be if you get their unconscious mind onboard with your intention and will.

power of the mindWe normally try to make what we want to happen in our life by using our will, our conscious determination, our ‘blood, sweat and tears’.

Do you remember Sisyphus, the king in Greek mythology who was punished by the Gods to an eternity of rolling a boulder uphill then watching it roll back down again?

In your conscious mind you may be thinking, ‘I want to win!’ and hopefully, it is also saying, ‘I am worthy of success.

But if something in your unconscious mind, the other 97% is saying something like, ‘I a loser’ or ‘I never do anything right’ – that is what you are going to be getting or manifesting.

At the very least, you will find yourself stuck somewhere on that mountain like Sisyphus struggling endlessly to roll that boulder named ‘Success’ up to the top, but constantly back-sliding.


At a power a million times greater, we might be tempted to regard our subconscious as ‘the boss’ from whom we have to get approval or permission in order to get things done. This is incorrect.

power of the mindYou are the boss – at least, you’re meant to be the boss. And part of your job as ‘boss’ is to give this most powerful, effective and efficient employee good and clear direction.

Think of your unconscious as a computer. It’s going to take its programming and run with it.

It’s your job to make sure that its programming is in functional, if not optimal, alignment with your goals by programming, re-programming and de-bugging, at regular intervals. And in concert with your goals – as they change, as new ones arise, and so on.

power of the mindMastery comes by first by realizing it’s our job to clean up the programming and directions we have (knowingly or unknowingly) given our processing powerhouse. When you make your unconscious a friend, the process of materializing your dreams and desires, changes entirely.

It’s not your will and effort that does most of the work, but the absurdly effective and efficient power of your unconscious mind.

power of the mindThat is the power of your unconscious mind – the asset you are born with. Your job, as president and CEO of yourself and your life, is to become the manager of this asset – to get the most out of your most dedicated and capable employee you will ever have at your disposal.

Your unconscious power is an asset, not an obstacle. Your unconscious is on your side and wants to be on your side – even when it seems like it’s totally against you. As your dedicated employee it’s probably just working on a mission you gave it and forgot about, years ago.

Often the teams and missions our unconscious is still championing are instructions and understandings we internalized somewhere in the past that are no longer useful. There are many ways to just correct the instructions. Here is one way to get started…


If you’re not even aware that there is resistance, you’re not going to do anything about it.

So step one is always awareness: recognize resistance. You need to be aware of it to consciously and deliberately negotiate it.

Step two is to get specific. What exactly is the fear or fears? What are the associations with getting or having what you want? What exactly is your unconscious looking out for? The magic formula for getting this critical information from yourself is genuine curiosity and compassion.

power of the mindLearn more about yourself and what you don’t want by further excavating: What do you fear specifically?

What do you worry you will have to give up or sacrifice to achieve success in your sport?

Is it OK to have your teammates and coaches depend on you? Longer practices and drills that tire you out and leave little time for homework, fun activities? Understanding of what you don’t want will bring you greater clarity of what you do want.

So step three is to get details, and applaud whatever you find. Applaud it before you judge it. Remember: you – that is, what you normally associate with ‘you’ – are by far not the smartest thing within you.

Step four is to make a promise to yourself. You want to set the intention to work it out with your resistance – not to work against it.

power of the mindMake your fear a non-issue by making a promise to yourself. For example: ‘Dear Self, listen: if greater success in my sport means too much strain, exhaustion and no time for fun, I won’t go for it. I don’t want that either! – And I appreciate you lookin’ out for me. If I have to make a choice between success and happiness, I’ll choose happiness.

This kind of promise will make you and your unconscious, more open to the idea of success and to pursuing it. It unlocks that mental toughness you know you need to succeed. 

Remember, our intention here is to work it out, not to work until we bleed. The more trust you can cultivate here, the more that fear becomes a non-issue. That’s what we want to make it: a non-issue.

power of the mindThe result is that we hop off the tumultuous, combative, and lonely road to our goal, and find a totally different stride: one with internal purpose and excitement.

Step five is to find examples. Now that we have the, ‘Okay, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a look,’ from our resistance, we want to see what’s true.

Your unconscious can and will do anything that you tell it is possible – how exciting is that
! However, if you tell it something is impossible, it will make that true for you too.

So your job is to make sure that it, and thereby you, know that what you want is possible. So you want to find examples of where this is the case , to let your unconscious know that what you want – all of what you want – is possible.

power of the mindYour examples can be people you know, famous people you don’t know – it doesn’t matter. The point is let your unconscious know that it is possible to satisfy all of your desires. Remember, your unconscious can and will do anything that you tell it is possible.

The more examples you present, the more you encourage and reinforce the idea, ‘this is definitely possible’, and lets your unconscious know what it’s working towards. Learn not to be jealous when you see someone else who ‘has’ what you want, because they’re providing you with your example.

Once you understand more about what you want and what it means to get there, step six is to solidify and affirm. Solidify what you have learned and now understand about your fears, about what you want and what you’re moving towards.

power of the mindThe more ingrained your new perspective becomes in the unconscious, the more it uses its power and resources to facilitate and work towards your goal and, effectively, execute on your behalf; and the easier it will be for you to manifest or materialize it.

Now the final step is going to sound like “affirmations” – and in a way they are.

Affirmations only work if you believe them. When you don’t, they have precisely the opposite effect. All you’re projecting out there is: ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, B.S.’ and B.S. is what your unconscious will make sure that it is.

If instead of going through the above steps, you started by simply affirming and re-affirm ‘I am a winner.’ You would probably not believe it, which would lead to just projecting fear and disbelief – at best wishing, which inherently leads to doubt.

After going through the steps above, your relationship to the sentence is different. It becomes less of an ‘affirmation’ and more of a reminder of what you learned and also saw to be true and possible.

And also it gives a point of orientation – free of the internal conflict – a light in the distance that you may not know how to get to, but you won’t be afraid of getting there.

power of the mindNow you can enjoy the ‘affirmation.’ Remember, if you can’t get behind your affirmation with good feelings, just leave it alone; find another one that you can get behind, a smaller one if need be like, “I will stay focused during the game and go out there whether I feel afraid or not.” A less grandiose projection that you can believe in is better than one tainted, made ineffective, or destructive as a result of your doubt and cynicism.

As Steve Jobs said in his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address: ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them, looking backwards. So you have to trust that dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust that something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever – because believing that the dots will connect down the road, will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path. And that will make all the difference.’

power of the mindTrust, on the one hand, that if what you want hasn’t yet made it into your field of vision, you are being given the time you need to develop, hone and acquire the muscle you’ll need when it does – not a minute more, nor a minute less. And conversely, trust that if it is standing before you, it means you have the resources to deal with it. Or, in other words, that Life will not hand you anything you can’t deal with.

Finally, realize that you’ll reach your goal at just the perfect time – i.e. not a minute too soon or before you a prepared nor a minute too late. This way you can actually enjoy the time beforehand and enjoy the ride.

power of the mindWelcome to the Winner’s Circle!

Wendy Lynne
Director of Mental Toughness Academy

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