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The fact you are on this site tells me, you are one of 30 million sports parents with a huge dedication to making sure your child is a confident, happy athlete who loves playing their sport.

I am dedicated to delivering innovative and life changing content in a way that is both entertaining and easily understood by kids, utilizing today’s technology.

I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer for Youth Athletes. I have personally worked with hundreds of professional and amateur athletes on the mental side of their game.

I am the author and creator of 6 mental toughness programs sold in 28 countries and write to over 16,000 athletes in my emails and on blogs. I have over 3000 clients worldwide from United Arab Emirates to Ireland and all over the United States using his programs and services.

Our definition of mental toughness is an athlete who is Focused, Confident, Determined, and Resilient especially under pressure. These are valuable skills that all kids and teens can learn and sports parents can be an instrumental part of teaching and supporting.

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The great thing about youth sports is that these are life skills that get transferred over to their academics, personal relationships, and yes, even their health. Have you seen all the scientific studies that prove that stress is the number one reason for doctor’s visits these days? Mentally tough kids and teens take everything in stride and use mistakes as springboards for greatness.

There are countless books written on mental toughness and how to achieve peak performance. Your child’s coach may even be trying to teach it! However, most coaches don’t have the time or the skill sets to really make it a part of their athletic training.

The free trainings on the blog and in our Mental Toughness Academy are unique, because they were specifically designed for teens. We made the content visually stimulating, creative and fun to capture their attention. The trainings are viewed online or can be downloaded to their iPod or cellphones, because we know teens and pre-teens don’t have the time to read books other than their textbooks!

“Overall, she’s a happier kid”

Julie Jacka, Spokane WA – Parent of 17 year old pole vaulter state champion

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What is the best use of your athletes time? How does efficiency translate to sports performance and mental toughness training?

As a former Fortune 500 manager, I was trained to constantly be on the lookout for ways to get things done with total efficiency, using the least amount of time and energy. I know how busy most athletes are! I hear countless stories of how difficult it is to balance school, sports, home responsibilities and work on top of that!

As a parent of an athlete, you must be a part-time taxi, financial sponsor, counselor, and cheerleader in addition to your regular family and career obligations.

My hats off to you and your child for keeping it all together. I designed these trainings to be highly efficient as well as effective and included a short guided visualization each week that can be used during the day or at night before bed, to further boost their performance. Most kids also find it very calming and relaxing as well.

What can you do as a sport parent to help and support your athlete?

The 10 Commandments For Being A Great Sports Parent

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I sincerely applaud you for giving up so much of your family’s time and resources to give your athlete every opportunity to succeed. One of my main goals in the work I do, is to bring parents and kids together using sports as a vehicle. It’s not enough for me to teach my clients how to win – I also want to give them the keys to self-empowerment.

I wrote an ebook, “The 10 Commandments For A Great Sports Parent” to help you build a strong, supportive relationship with your child. The book is designed to help you connect with your child at a much deeper level than you ever thought possible. I am giving this book away, because I think it is THAT important. Make sure and get it by entering your email in the form to your right if you haven’t already.

Having worked over 8 years one-on-one with athletes, I learned what are the biggest issues they face, what causes them fear and stress and how to talk to them so they are open to listen and learn.

I am very passionate about helping kids transform their lives! I spent over a year taking the best of my tools and techniques and put them into a video program designed specifically for kids.

The online training program I created consists of 24 videos and 8 guided visualizations in an exclusive membership site that athletes can watch anytime and anywhere on their cellphones or ipods. The training can be done at the athletes own pace and watched anytime or anywhere on their computer, cellphone or ipod.

Find out more about my interactive, easy-to-use, 8 week Mental Toughness Training course by clicking here. I so strongly believe in the trainings effectiveness, I am offering a “no questions asked” one-year guarantee.

Julie Knight, parent of 15 year old baseball player

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Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!

Craig Sigl, CHt, The Mental Toughness Trainer and Youth Sport Specialist

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