How To Overcome The Fear Of Disappointing Parents & Others

This is a clip from the Baseball/Softball Mental Toughness program just released spring 2018. It’s  part of module 7 where we work on becoming fearless by antidoting the fear of failure and rejection. [Video Script] We have to deal with and clear another related Fear here.   Fear of rejection. It’s  a big part of Read More.

Letting go of the need to control and trust your skills

Trust Your Skills

Performance = Potential – Interference As I have mentioned countless times here on the site, in my trainings, and everywhere I speak, FEAR is the #1 interference to performing to your potential, especially in competition. Fear of failure Fear of success Fear of disappointing others Fear of emotions There is a sub fear of those Read More.

Top 30 Sports Quotes to Live By

Confidence in sports

Need your daily dose of sports motivation? Here are your Top 30 mental toughness quotes.. 1. Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life. -Billie Jean King 2. When you’re riding, only the race Read More.

2 reasons why we overdo self criticism and beat ourselves up

Why are we so hard on ourselves? One of the most common reasons parents have brought their sports kids to me, over the years, centers around this comment: “He/She is so hard on him/herself. ” But, this isn’t just limited to performance and kids now, isn’t it? Adults indulge in this just as much but Read More.

How to Overcome Embarrassment

embarrassment means

“I almost died of embarrassment.” “I was SO embarrassed by my parents.” As the mental toughness trainer, one of the core fears I assist people to clear is the fear of embarrassment.  You overcome it by mastering it instead of fearing it. Well then, let’s learn how to overcome embarrassment by first taking it apart Read More.

How to Be More Aggressive in Basketball


If your youth basketball coaching sessions have seen your coach imploring you to be more aggressive out there on the court, there are a great number of drills you can do to gain more  toughness and therefore more aggressive in your basketball. Let’s take a look at some of the drills you can be teaching to Read More.

What to do when you’re bored

new idea

Boredom, the enemy? of the productive and the young. In my R.A.C.E. formula methodology, the E. stands for Emotional Mastery.  In short, this is about understanding, working with, and NOT being afraid of your difficult emotions. (Notice I don’t call them “negative emotions” like everyone else).  The path to not being afraid of your emotions Read More.

How To Teach Resilience & Determination By Allowing The Come Back

youth sports resilience

I fear there is a dangerous trend in teaching and raising kids in the most recent generations and it shows up in sports participation. Far too often, parents go overboard with advocating for their kid for playing time and also shielding them from difficulty.  This is short-sighted as we all know that kids grow up Read More.

How To Relieve Extreme Stress

high level of stress

Guest post by Stress Management Coach and certified Mental Toughness Trainer – Prentiss Rhodes. If you are a fan of science fiction (as I am), then you are no stranger to the Star Trek mythos. In Star Trek, the eager cadets, in preparation for their lives in space on a starship, had to take a graduation exam. Read More.