What Do You Mean “Stop Thinking”?


Like a race car is designed to drive, your mind is designed to think. When coaches and others give you well-intentioned advice to stop overthinking, they don't realize how futile this directive is because how do you simply "stop"? Can’t I Just Get My Zen On? I guess you could go to the Himalayas and meditate with some Buddhist monks for a few years and you'd learn how to do it. Don't get me wrong - meditation is a great thing, but it can still be very difficult to slow or stop overthinking. The good news is it's not even necessary [...]

What Do You Mean “Stop Thinking”?2020-10-14T02:18:50+08:00

How to Overcome Embarrassment


“I almost died of embarrassment.” “I was SO embarrassed by my parents.” As the mental toughness trainer, one of the core fears I assist people to clear is the fear of embarrassment. […]

How to Overcome Embarrassment2020-05-27T06:42:40+08:00
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