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This page contains a few samples of Craig Sigl in the media over the past 10 years. Craig is engaging, passsionate, and will definitely bring ideas to your audience that nobody has ever heard before.  30 year coaches are astounded at the insights from Craig’s getting inside the minds of countless athletes and what propels them to perform to their potential.  For an interview or feature, call 1-855-433-7545 or Contact Us via email.







Craig Sigl is the #1 Mental Toughness Trainer for Youth Athletes.  He has successfully helped youth athletes all over the world build their confidence, improve their concentration and reduce their performance anxiety.

Craig is the creator of 6 mental game training programs for athletes sold in 28 countries.  He is an author, professional speaker and expert on mental training and coaching.  His newsletters go to over 18,000 athletes, parents and coaches worldwide.

He has been featured on NBC TV’s “Evening Magazine” show, numerous sports and parenting radio shows and the Seattle P.I. newspaper for his work with youth athletes.

One of a Kind Product For Teens

We offer an exclusive, only one of its kind online Mental Toughness Training designed to teach youth athletes how to boost their confidence, improve their performance and eliminate any issues that hold them back in their sport.

Athletes receive 24 training videos and 8 guided visualizations teaching them critical techniques and tools to improve their game on an exclusive membership site. The videos are visually stimulating and interactive. They are designed to hold the athlete’s attention, while teaching mental skills for their sport and life.

Our mental trainings have been successful for athletes in youth baseball, soccer, basketball, football, hockey, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, wrestling, lacrosse and many more team and individual sports.

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Our mission is to give teens the tools and strategies to empower themselves to take full responsibility for their lives, their sports success and their happiness!

When they learn how to master their emotions, overcome fear and adopt a “never give up” attitude, they become unstoppable in sports and their lives!

Mental Toughness Academy is about giving children the gift of a champion mindset on and off the field.

Company Overview

We believe what sets winners apart from those with equal talent, is hard work AND a “never give up” attitude. Drive and ambition alone can’t get you there. You also need mental strategies and tools to create that winning attitude or champion mindset in pressure situations.

Our Mental Toughness Training removes any blocks athletes may have to achieving their highest potential, by giving them the

tools and strategies for inner resilience and a “never give up” attitude in any situation.

We offer resources to coaches and parents of youth athletes such as weekly YouTube instructional videos and a free ebook on “The 10 Commandments For Being A Great Sports Parent”.

As seen on TV & Major Media:

NBC Evening Magazine

Huffington Post Live (panelist)

Golf Digest Magazine August 2014 Printed

Seattle P.I. Newspaper.

Craig writes for many sports websites and publications – samples:

NAYS Sport Kid Print Magazine & BlogCraig Sigl columnist

USAFootball: How to come back from defeat

MLB Digital Academy

Bellevue Reporter: Visualization in Golf

Kirkland Reporter: How Athletes Can Achieve Peak Performances

Sports Parenting Blog: The 9 “Must Haves” For Kids In Sports

KidsAndCoaching Blog: Kids And Sports Success Principles For Parents

Women’s Hockey Life: How To Fire Up Motivation

Fundamental Soccer Blog: Sports Performance Anxiety Solution

Junior Hockey: Learn How To Fire Up Motivation

Teamsnap blog: Should you let your kid quit sports

Sports Moms Survival Guide:   3 huge tips for parents to help their kids build confidence  Craig’s golf blog

Radio Shows Craig has been featured on:

ESPN Radio: The Kevin Calabro Show

Expert Sports Performance show

Wayne and Jane show:  Better Golf Without Practicing

Teamsnap podcast: They say sports are 90% mental

Call in Performance In The Sweet Spot with Chuck Quarles
Sue Lundquist Radio Show(shortened)
Craig Sigl on KBS radio
Craig Sigl on the Tanja Diamond show
Affirmations Queen Radio Show, Vancouver, BC
Stewart Dennis Drivetime, South Hampshire UK
Nightride Radio show, Nashville, TN


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