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Kids today have it much tougher than we did. The pressures are far greater, everything moves so much faster, and there is no sign of it letting up. Fitting in, peer pressure, not wanting to disappoint coaches and teammates, and the whole cyber-bullying thing…

Let’s face it, the world is becoming more and more competitive in so many ways.

***Global competition for scholarships (and later jobs)

***Year round sports

***Pressure to keep up with friends

***Pressure from coaches to specialize or not play school sports

If kids are going to survive this new world, Kids need what I call Mental toughness:

Focused, Confident, Determined and Resilient…especially under pressure! (ie. LIFE SKILLS)

I’m going to be sending you in coming emails some of my best tips, tactics, strategies and techniques for young athletes to not only handle it all, but to thrive because very few others understand the importance of a solid mental game in sports…and life.

This will give your young athlete a HUGE edge!!

We will start off with my 6 best tips to play your best performances…under pressure and from there, specific advice for parents, players and coaches depending on how you answered the survey.

I have personally worked with over a thousand athletes one-on-one from pro to 6 years old and tens of thousands online.

You are going to get the benefit of that successful experience!

If you want to jump to the head of the class right now, you can get my complete set of tools and training for youth athletes in the Mental Toughness Academy or Confidence From Scratch program.

“This isn’t just about better sports performance…it’s about LIFE SKILLS.”

These programs are a fantastic way for parents to bond with kids and go through it together to integrate the lessons with the family’s values even for kids as young as 6 years old.

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