Do you play hockey or watch hockey?  Ever wonder what it takes or how to be a good goalie?

In this video, Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer gives some tips and pointers what to do on the mental side of the game to be a good goalie…

Listen and Discover How to be a Good Goalie

How To Be A Good Goalie

As a player, your coach has probably told you how important preparation is for how to be a good hockey goalie. But even hearing that, sometimes you just feel like it’s just too hard… and that maybe you can do just fine without pushing yourself so much in your practice and training.

Hockey goalies sometimes fall into that trap. They think that because they aren’t moving around as much as the other players that athletes motivationthey can slack off on the physical conditioning. Not true! In fact, it’s even more important for goalies to build stamina and work hard in practice, because they are out on the ice a lot longer and have to keep that focus longer.

For all athletes, when you are in great physical condition, your brain works faster and more efficiently giving you quicker reflexes and better focusing ability. That’s how you will play your best in competition.

Glen Hanlon, 13 year NHL goalie said:

“What some goalies don’t realize is that being physically fit builds confidence. Feeling stronger and faster helps you feel better and prepared to play better. Feeling tired can make you feel slower and more vulnerable.”

How to be a good hockey goalie means  hard work in training and that includes mental preparation.

Mitch Korn, famous goalie coach said:

“A goalie’s decision must be instantaneous. The only way that is possible is with lots of practice, quality practice — making the right read and the right save again and again, both on the ice and with visualization (or mental practice).”

A great example is top NHL player, Mike Camalleri who always does visualization before a game.

A hockey goalie should replay past successful saves and come up with new angles that the puck will come from, always anticipating the best way to make the save. What’s really great about this is you can do it anywhere…so get to work on it now!


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Craig Sigl, the mental toughness trainer