As a coach you must provide the necessary leadership in order for your team to be victorious and to create a long-term climate of success. In order for a leader to be followed they must have a winning philosophy and system that can be articulated with passion to the team. In order for the team to commit 100%, they must see, through the coach’s passion and by example, how much you are committed to each player and the team’s victory. There are three major components to developing a winning mindset and program.


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Foster Team Chemistry For Consistent Victories

The first component that must be developed is chemistry. Chemistry is a by-product of every player fully understanding his/her role on the team.

The coach needs to clearly articulate to each player individually, their precise role and emphasize how their role fits into the overall scheme of the team’s triumph. This information must also be shared in a role defining team meeting as well so that everyone is on the same page.


The last part of chemistry is to make sure that a consistent emphasis is placed on making sure each player understands how important their role is and how valued they are as a team member. If a player’s role is minimized or devalued you as a coach will lack the necessary commitment that each player needs to have in order to experience team victory.

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The second ingredient to winning is execution. This is a complete commitment to the coach’s philosophy and system. It is important that emphasis be placed on attention to details (ATD). An unwavering commitment must be placed on executing precisely, with full intent, game speed, proper fundamentals and technique in each phase of the game. The coach is responsible to teach the game at a high level and breakdown each specific part of the system in order to remove all of the– how, when, where and whys that each player is expected to understand and execute with a high level of confidence.



The last major component to victory and team achievement is heart. This is the ability to perform with more intensity, tenacity, fire and passion than your opponent. A successful team must develop a high level of heart and fight that is superior to that of their competition. The coach sets the tone by creating practices that are extremely competitive with winning and losing drills that are performed in a high-pressure environment where the stakes are raised in creative outcome modules. The higher the level of competition and pressure created, the stronger the habits of success will be produced. This will create a greater level of heart performance and commitment to winning.

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In summary the coach’s leadership format must focus a winning philosophy and system in the 3 areas of chemistry, execution and the heart. In order to produce consistent habits of winning long-term, the coach must forge an environment of selfless play that is committed to team success over individual goals. To maintain this formula of victory and optimizing exceptional play long term, it is important to teach each player to stay in the moment, be humble and hungry and to maximize both individually and as a team right “Now” and not project to much into the future.


by Coach Mendo

Coach Wayne Mendezona, former professional player and coach.

Founder of Quickhandle.comBasketball Coach Wayne Mendezona Basketball training.