How I Helped My Athletic Kid Go From Throwing Up With Anxiety To Team MVP

A story of hope for sports parents DETERMINED to give their kids unstoppable resiliency, the confidence to perform under pressure and powerful life skills from playing sports…

Now YOU can give your child the gift of mental toughness that will make their dreams come true…

  • Without spending big $$$ on sessions with a sports psychologist.
  • Without having to spend hours and hours reading books to try and learn techniques to help your child.
  • Without leaving it up to chance your child will “out grow” their fears or worries.
  • Without having to hope and pray your child comes through their next melt down without emotional scars.

Learn how one family did it in just a few minutes a week…

Dear Sports Parent:

My daughter went from a benchwarmer to MVP!

My name is Joan and I am the mother of an athletic daughter, Mary, who loves playing sports.

I encouraged her to play sports from an early age, for all the reasons we love sports: to have fun, be part of a team, build strength and skills, learn discipline, commitment, good sportsmanship and leadership.

What I didn’t anticipate happening was she would get so nervous and worried before her games, she would literally throw up.

Mary is a gifted softball player and pushes herself hard. She is one of the kids who seems to really enjoy the workouts and she practiced and drilled everything her coach taught her without being forced.

She was the top hitter on the team and all the other girls, as well as the coach, looked to her to score the home run.

Her anxiety would show up the day before a game. She could barely eat, grunted responses when anyone in the family tried to talk to her and getting to sleep was always a struggle.

The day of, she would pace back and forth until it was time to leave and on the drive over she would bite her nails and not say a word.

Once we got to the stadium, she would run to the bathroom and sometimes throw up before stepping on the field. As this continued, it affected her performance.

Don’t let this happen to your child!

Her coach had a talk with me and warned that if Mary did not “get over” her fears she would lose her starting position.

She was devastated.

And so was I…


I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way!

“You Get Much of The Credit For His New Confidence”

“Doug had an outstanding spring and summer in baseball with you getting much of the credit for his new confidence. In fact he got picked up by a select baseball team from Bellingham to pitch for them during the playoffs.”
Scott Knight – select baseball coach and parent

I was totally overwhelmed trying to figure out how I was going to help her relax before the game as her coach suggested.

I was extremely frustrated that most parenting books main advice was to get them to “tell themselves they are a winner.”

I was disappointed by the promise that if she could just visualize herself winning this would all go away.

None of these methods worked for Mary. In addition, none of the sports psychologist or experts in the field seemed to have a better approach or solution.

I remember at one point feeling so discouraged and inadequate as a parent that I considered having her quit. But one thought kept coming back to me: “If she quits now all the positive lessons she learned from playing sports will be lost and this fear might haunt her in other areas of her life.”

And Then…a Breakthrough!

Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer has helped 1000′s of kids overcome performance anxiety.

My breakthrough came when I was recommended to Craig Sigl and his Mental Toughness Training for Youth Athletes.

That is when I discovered the SHOCKING TRUTH about performance anxiety – the truth that most coaches and sports psychologist neglect to address!

And what is that truth????

Athletes need to totally embrace, own, and ultimately master their thoughts and emotions.

They can push destructive thoughts and nervous feelings aside only for so long…BUT EVENTUALLY those feelings come back to haunt them when it matters the most – in heated competition and under pressure.

Fear cannot be pushed away or stuffed down.

This concept of dealing with our difficult emotions was something I had not heard anyone address before! They were all giving advice on how to push them away!

Craig’s Mental Toughness Training helped Mary understand that we get difficult emotions for a reason. Those tough feelings are a signal from the body that there is something important she needed to resolve and act on.

When she tried to push away, distract or ignore these feelings, the anxiety only got worse and it lead to a vicious cycle that increased her pressure.

Mary learned how to dramatically change her ability to win and get past those difficult emotions by embracing them and using them to her advantage.

No one else is teaching this!

How Come No One Else is Teaching This?

Modern sport psychology teaches you to “block out” distraction and “get used” to those pressure feelings or worse yet, “learn how to ignore them.”

This type of teaching is what Craig calls “Military Mental Toughness.” At best, this works temporarily and only for some people.

At worst, this type of coaching washes out kids with huge potential and fills the sports world with robo-athletes, who you wouldn’t want as your neighbor. Yep, that’s right…


“The old ways of mental game training just don’t cut it anymore. The sports world has been stuck in a rut of tired, rehashed, old clichés that are now going to get left behind.”
– Craig Sigl, Mental Toughness Trainer


Coaches and athletic programs are throwing away talent by sticking to this old paradigm and it starts when the kids are pre-teens.


“If you want to be the best, you seek out the best. Craig is the best at what he does.”

“In my 29 years of coaching world-class athletes and gold medalists as well as countless high school state champions, I’ve run into numerous coaches and sports mental experts. I have never been so impressed as I am with the work you are doing for my athletes. It is so comforting to know that I can go to you when their mental blocks come up. I am extremely happy to have you on my team as you are taking a big weight off my shoulders. Thanks again.”

Bryan Hoddle, Olympia, WA – 2004 USA Para-Olympic Head Track and Field Coach


Total Relief

You cannot imagine how liberating this realization was for me.

  • It meant I was not responsible for finding the “magic” solution to cure Mary’s issues.
  • It meant she was going to get to continue to play and participate in the sport she loved without fear and anxiety.
  • It meant I got to see my daughter feeling empowered and possessing a “never give up” attitude.

Can you relate to this story? Do you have your own “teen under pressure” experience?


“My Whole Life Has Gotten Better Using This Training”

Tyler Mooney – 17, Select Soccer Player


See if Any of These Scenarios Sound Familiar to You…

Nancy was ready to quit!


  • Maybe you have a daughter who is constantly threatening to quit because of the negative comments she hears from her teammates and coach.
  • Or maybe your son had an injury and now plays timidly or scared.
  • Perhaps they have no problem at practice, but seem to always choke at the big event.
  • Or possibly they no longer enjoy playing their sport and feel burned out.

If you have a child in any of these situations I have some bad news.

This Does Not Go Away On It’s Own

Wish I learned to deal with stress when I was a kid!

We hear this from adults all the time…”I Wish I Learned This When I Was A Kid!”

A lot of adults had negative sports experiences from their childhood that they still carry with them well into their adulthood.

Beliefs like, “I’m not good enough”…”I always screw up”…”I’m not one of the winners”…”I’m a failure”…

What if you had learned mental toughness principles to change those beliefs when you were a kid?!?

Imagine how much better your life would have been…

Would you have aimed for higher aspirations, taken more risks, been willing to put yourself in the position to fail and try again?

What have you avoided, because you were afraid or lacked confidence?

Trust me, you cannot afford to wait, hope and pray your athlete will figure things out on their own.


“Overall, She’s A Happier Person”

Julie Jacka – Parent of 17 y/o pole vaulter


Almost Everything You Have Been Told About Mental Performance Training is Wrong!

If you have an athlete playing sports, I’m sure you have gotten an earful of advice from experts, coaches and books on the mental side of the game.

The problem is many so called experts are missing the key element that could make all the difference to your child.

But what’s behind those promises…let’s take a look:

  • If you go with the expert advice, it is generally geared toward professional athletes and does not deal with their core emotional issues.
  • If you go with the coach’s advice, they use what has worked for them and a few “star” athletes on the team, but it may not work for your child.
  • If you buy them a mental toughness book – good luck trying to get them to read it. Teens are busy enough these days.
  • If you give up, you’re playing Russian roulette with your child’s long-term self esteem.

You know something is wrong…is missing…when all you get from these well-meaning adults is GRIEF!

Grief in the form of seeing these band aid approaches don’t work and your child is still experiencing performance anxiety.

In the past, parents had little choice. They looked for another team or coach, took them to a sports psychologist or watched their kid drop out entirely filled with regret and remorse.

That is, until now…



NOW You Can Give Your Child All the Tools They Need to Be Successful in Their Sport and in Life!

Mental Toughness Training for Youth Athletes changes lives.

We offering you a cutting edge solution in our Mental Toughness Training that will transform your athlete.

Instead of feeling stressed and absolutely overwhelmed with worry for your child, you will relax in the confidence knowing your athlete is able to master their emotions, overcome their fears and play with confidence and excitement.

In fact, instead of spending your time trying to solve their issues, you will focused on the joy of watching them play their sport and knowing they are having fun and building self-reliance.

Now I realize you DON’T need another “solution” for your child that they just won’t use.

That is why we created a training designed specifically for youth athletes. It is visually stimulating and interactive, features stories they can relate to and can be watched anytime and anywhere that is convenient for your child.

We have taken Craig’s experience with 1000’s of athletes, the best of sports psychology and personal development and turned it into a training that gets results fast!

Imagine the relief you will feel when you child is able to watch a few short videos a week and then you see them become unstoppable in sports and their lives!


Welcome to The Mental Toughness Academy

Athletes receive 24 training videos teaching them life-changing tools and techniques to get their game not the next level!

Module 1 – When You Want To Feel Successful



  • Build an unshakable belief in yourself and your ability to succeed at anything.
  • Blast through the ceiling of what you think you are capable of to dramatically improve your skills.
  • Brilliantly consistent peak performances.


  • A Quick exercise to develop the ability to “trust” your body to perform under pressure.


Module 2 – Get Motivated and Focused



  • Learn to utilize the power of DECISION and COMMITMENT to push through barriers and obstacles.
  • Know how to flip your switch empowerment and stop being a victim of your past mistakes.
  • Access my #1 most dynamic strategy for directing the mind to create that winning performance. Most young athletes make this one common mistake that drastically reduces their chances of winning.
  • My top three potent strategies to turbo-charge motivation in even the laziest of athletes.


  • A ridiculously effective tool for destroying procrastination once and for all.
  • One simple 3-word phrase that keeps an athlete from getting distracted and focused on the task at hand. This concept is quickly understood even by young athletes and easy to use in competition.


Module 3 – Develop Intensity Without Nervousness



  • By week 3, you will have the ultimate mental strategy that transforms performance anxiety to channeled energy in less than 10 seconds.
  • Build confidence from scratch, even if you haven’t won anything yet.
  • Parents and coaches will know hot to help young athletes STOP painfully grieving over a loss or mistake for far too long.
  • Four world-class athlete stories to teach young athletes that focus and concentration are the keys to winning and must be worked on like any other skill.


  • A life-changing exercise that will teach you how to call up excitement, desire, focus, pride, passion and heart on demand.
  • 4 exercises to improve focus and concentration that can be done during TV commercials or whenever kids have a minute or two to spare.


Module 4 – Maximizing Your Practice and Training



  • Power of pre-performance routines that trigger “playing unconsciously” and get into the zone.
  • Appreciate the importance of high-level nutrition and hydration.
  • Ideas for how to prepare for pressure and distraction in your practice and training sessions.
  • All elite athletes set goals. Most coaches and parents are missing key components in guiding kids to setting goals that actually turn into reality.
  • Makes drills more interesting, more fun, and more effective for skill MASTERY and to develop discipline.


  • Winners win in advance. Learn 4 techniques to train your mind to track onto winning like a heat-seeking missile.


Module 5 – How To Think Positively



  • Learn a Super Bowl MVP’s secret to eliminate negative thinking.
  • World’s most successful athletes teach your kid how to make positive self-talk a habit.
  • Delete the 2 most destructive words from your athlete’s vocabulary. These 2 words keep athletes from success and they’re not what you think.
  • Turn stories of failures and mistakes into opportunities and motivation.


  • Discover my most powerful tool to clear out all old mental baggage from the past and keep yourself clear with this week’s guided visualization.


Module 6 – Mental Practice And Visualization Techniques



  • Get 3 hours worth of practice time in 10 minutes.
  • Speed up the healing of injuries in half the time it normally takes.
  • Fine tune any movement or skill even if it happens too fast to control it.
  • Do visualization right! This doesn’t necessarily mean “seeing” anything.


  • Most people give up on mental rehearsal and visualization after they fail to get benefits, because they don’t follow the 3 most important rules that we teach in this section.


Module 7 – Master Your Pressure And Emotions



  • Signature 6-step process for being able to deal with any difficult emotion in any situation for the rest of his life. This builds huge confidence!
  • Stop to the endless loop of “why did this have to happen to me” after such traumas as injuries and major losses.
  • Teach kids “It’s an AND world” so they can compete even in the heaviest pressure situations and come through with flying colors.


  • Fear is at the heart of all athlete’s mental problems. Athletes discover how to become fearless so they are able to play their sport all out.


Module 8 – Handling Tough Coaches, Parents And Never Giving Up



  • Learn the bigger perspective of not taking things so personally. This helps deal with difficult coaches, teammates and opponents.
  • Use reframing techniques to get the magic coaches are always looking for.
  • Tap into determination, a solid work ethic and “heart” to make them unstoppable!


  • 5 powerful steps to take before competition to get into a peak performance flow.


With this training, your child will have a POWERFUL tool kit to help them succeed today and in the future!


Give These Life-Changing Secrets to Your Teen


Private sessions with Craig are $200.00 and it would cost $1600 for your athlete to see him for 8 sessions. In the Online Mental Toughness Training, you get everything Craig does in those sessions, PLUS the guided visualizations.

You are saving over $1500 for a one-of-a-kind training! You will not find anything else for such a reasonable price that will have such a major impact on your child’s life.

This training will help your kid be happier in their everyday life. It will certainly boost their sports performance AND help them perform better in school and in their personal relationships.

Once you’re done with your personal sessions, you’re done. But with the Mental Toughness Academy, your athlete gets lifetime access to the trainings and to Craig through the membership portal. Once you own the trainings they can go back again and again any time they need it.

You’ve got to ask yourself: “What will it cost me or my child NOT to be mentally tough? To never have experienced really reaching his or her potential and feeling the ULTIMATE EXCITEMENT of knowing you ARE A SUCCESS and that you can do it again and again?

Instant Online Access


  • Unlimited Potential
  • Motivation & Focus
  • Intensity Without Nervousness
  • Maximizing Practice & Training
  • Positive Thinking
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Mastering The Pressure
  • Determination
  • Money Back Guarantee

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  • Unlimited Potential
  • Motivation & Focus
  • Intensity Without Nervousness
  • Maximizing Practice & Training
  • Positive Thinking
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Mastering The Pressure
  • Determination
  • Money Back Guarantee

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This Is Absolutely The Easiest Way To Positively Impact Your Teen’s Life


“The Benefits Went Far Beyond Sports”

“They are life long benefits. She is a perfectionist and over achiever however the stresses that go with that not only impact sports but can impact school and daily life. She has and still is learning to take a deep breath so to speak, recognize what is happening and then acknowledge it and move on without letting it completely destroy the rest of the day, events or whatever else it is applying to. She is constantly going back and listening to different sessions depending on what is up and coming. She is learning to relax before each event. She has hit personal highs. She even found a way to push herself and score extremely well while having the flue at one of her biggest meets of the season. It has enabled her to progress in her sport and also helped her coaches learn different strategies to coaching.”
Jan Jahnsen – parent of 12 year old gymnast


This Training Literally Changes Lives

Like the hundreds of sports parents who have looked to Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer, for help with their athletes, this training will help solve your teens challenges quickly and easily.

You will no longer have to spend your days and nights worrying any more. With this training, you will make dramatic changes in your child’s life forever and wonder why you were ever so worried in the past!

Here’s what the guarantee…Have your child use this training knowing that by building their “mental muscle” it will make everything better in their life – or your money back!

For only $119 get lifetime access to the Mental Toughness Academy – offer good for an entire family household.
One Year (365 Days) Money Back Guarantee for a full refund!


Nothing Else Like This Exists…

“He Had a Totally Different Attitude”

“Ron was lit up. He had a totally different attitude. He got 16 points…he was passing, driving it to the hoop, was talking more on the court and being supportive to the other players. Thank you so much.”
Nikki Manchester, Everett WA – parent of 16 year old basketball player

I urge you to look high and low all over the internet to find solutions for your athlete that are – tested, proven, complete and 100% GUARANTEED to get the results you are looking for! There is nothing comparable out there.

  • You could “take them to a professional,” but that could cost thousands of dollars and still not work.
  • You could “ignore the problem,” but I guarantee that decision will come back to haunt you – probably with your kid finally quitting all together.
  • Or you can tackle the problem HEAD ON with the confidence of knowing we have polled 100’s of young athletes to find out what works for them and their busy lifestyle and then spent countless hours refining our process so your athlete will get the maximum benefit.

I know these are tough economic times. I also know there are families out there that are heartsick with worry about their kids experiencing difficulty in their sport.
Did you know private sessions with Craig are $200.00 and it would cost $1600 for 8 sessions.

In the Online Mental Toughness Training, you get everything Craig does in those sessions, PLUS the guided visualizations at a fraction of the cost!

Once you’re done with your personal sessions, you’re done. But with the Mental Toughness Academy, your athlete gets lifetime access to the trainings and to Craig through the membership portal.

This training represents a WAY TO FREEDOM for you and your family to take control of any issues that challenge your teen’s performance and mental well-being – that won’t break the bank.

Instead of forking over thousands, you’re getting the Mental Toughness Training and Guided Visualizations – valued at over $800 for this one-of-a-kind training…

All for just $119!

Ok, I’m convinced…how do I order? Click here.

ONCE AND FOR ALL, you can lift the burden of worry that has been weighing you down and preventing you from fully enjoying your child’s sports success.

You pay that much for a pair of sneakers!


A Picture Perfect Moment

Imagine yourself watching your child’s next game. He strikes out, but instead of being devastated he kept playing hard and his team went on to win. Imagine how you would feel watching your child brimming with confidence and knowing that when he makes mistake they no longer hold him back!

Isn’t it great to know you can positively impact your child’s self esteem and beliefs about themselves forever? Isn’t that kind of relief worth $119?

Are you ready to take control of your child’s future belief in their ability to succeed and control their destiny? Are you ready to save big money on books they won’t read or professionals they won’t listen to? If so, just click on the order button below and I will send out the training immediately to your child.


Let Me Tell You a Story…

Before we wrap up, let’s go on a little journey…

Imagine your child is now a grown adult and has a successful career. It is Mother’s Day and on your gift is a beautiful Mother’s Day card. In it, is a brief, but heartfelt note: “I Love You Mom – Thank you for all the games you sat through and supported me during my high school years.”
At that moment you know all the effort to make sure they had a positive sporting experience was worth it.


I know this seems like an insurmountable challenge right now. But in a short period of time your kid’s athletic career will probably be over and you will be looking back with fond memories.

You had the right intention getting your child in sports…DON’T WASTE IT by waiting until they have a problem. Today, your athlete may not have any serious issues, but this training is like having the ideal coach in their pocket!

I sincerely hope you’ll give this training a chance to help transform your athlete. Raising strong, confident kids is the most important job you will ever have. We all need a little support and guidance.

You owe this to yourself and your child to help get them past any mental blocks holding them back AND give them the confidence and resilience you always dreamed of!

Choose your option below and let’s get started!



P.S. Remember you have a relatively short time to influence your kids, don’t waste it!

P.S.S. You have a “no risk” year to check it out. Order Now, while it’s fresh on your mind.


“Playing More Consistently”

“Basketball is 90% mental and 10% physical. I truly believe this because my mental side of the game affected me way more than any physical barrier. You helped me break through this mental block and focus my effort on trying to master the game and have fun. I no longer evaluated myself based on how many points I scored, but rather on how much I improved and what I could do better. In return, I did start playing more consistent in all areas of the game.”
Caitlyn Rohrbach, Seattle – 19, College Basketball Player

” I Was In The Zone Before Every Race”

“Thanks to you I was in the zone before every race. I turned in a lifetime best and a junior national qualifying time which got me to 1st place in the 200 meter butterfly!”
Ali Abadi, Edmonds WA – 17 year old swimmer


Remember there is absolutely NO RISK to trying this program with our One Year money back guarantee and so much to gain!


Go ahead and click one of the “Add to Cart” buttons below…Your child will thank you today and 20 years later!

Instant Online Access


  • Unlimited Potential
  • Motivation & Focus
  • Intensity Without Nervousness
  • Maximizing Practice & Training
  • Positive Thinking
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Mastering The Pressure
  • Determination
  • Money Back Guarantee

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DVD's + Instant Online Access


  • Unlimited Potential
  • Motivation & Focus
  • Intensity Without Nervousness
  • Maximizing Practice & Training
  • Positive Thinking
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Mastering The Pressure
  • Determination
  • Money Back Guarantee

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