Podcast #9 – Clear Out Fear of Rejection

Whether it’s:

  • The fear of cold-calling or making new contacts in business or sales.
  • Your kid being afraid to disappoint coaches, parents and teammates.
  • You, afraid to step up and teach your expertise to an audience.
  • Fear of not being accepted by your peers.
  • Fear of sexual rejection.
  • Scared to speak up in your group of friends.
  • Overly nervous and tense when giving a presentation in business settings.

…it’s all fear of rejection, a cousin of fear of failure.

Most personal development gurus and psychologists give you advice centering around – “Force yourself to think positive” or “Embrace the failure”…neither of which helps people who get a strong feeling of rejection or are in the phobia category for this fear.

As with everything I teach, in order to make a change at the bodily intelligence (unconscious) level of the mind, it takes a process of:

1. Becoming empowered to make the change.

2. Understanding why you do what you do so you can operate within that structure.

3. Clear the unconscious belief patterns, and

4. Work WITH your emotions instead of fearing or “coping” with them.

All 4 steps are my R.A.C.E. Formula (1st Five Podcast episodes) and built into all of my programs.

Today’s podcast will give you the A. Awareness and the antidote to C. Clear the fear of rejection.

If you want to take it to the next step and clear it, kids should be in my Mental Toughness Academy and Adults should get into the Advanced mental toughness program.

I’d love to see your comments below.

Let’s do this,


5 thoughts on “Podcast #9 – Clear Out Fear of Rejection

    1. Craig Sigl Post author

      Hi Terry,

      Antidotes get built on what I call the “Deadly Accurate Truth.” In the case of events that we often label as “rejection,” the DAT is that in any possible interaction between 2 or more people, each party gets to decide if they have enough similar values in order to interact. Nobody’s values are better than anybody else’s. The false story we tell ourselves about such events is something like: “I’m not good enough for him/her” or “They are better than me” which then triggers a belief program around “I’m not good enough” and therefore, the person triggers the difficult emotion of inadequacy. No mystery here, just use DAT and get it into the unconscious and you stop feeling bad when someone doesn’t want to interact with you for whatever reason that, objectively, has nothing to do with you personally. 🙂

      1. terry johnston

        Hi Craig
        Thanks for this. Did not see this reply, sorry. I understand the truth around two people interacting. I presume the emotions around feeling someone is ‘better than you’ at a tournament are related. Certainly, feelings of inadequacy can creep in, causing loss of performance. What I am not clear on is the best starting point to build around to change this. With the fear of failure, I have found working on ‘love of the sport’ as the reason for playing a big help. But I don’t see an equivalent to tackle fear of rejection.

        1. Craig Sigl Post author

          Hi Terry.
          It’s great that you find “love of sport” helpful for fear of failure. The equivalent for fear of rejection would be to dig down into WHY we want to have interactions with other humans. Therefore, you would have to shift your main reason from “to get people to like me” to “experience all the great things humans offer” in interactions with me. Make sense?

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