Is Tiger Woods Mentally Tough?

So what is “Mental Toughness” anyway and why do you need it? I believe Mental Toughness is when you are Confident, Focused, Determined and Resilient…Even Under Pressure. Lots of athletes exhibit some of these traits, some of the time, but very few exhibit them ALL of the time. Now most people think Tiger Woods is the Read More.

Learn How To Control Emotions – Allen Fox, Tennis Coach

What separates the professionals from the everyday player? Learn how to control your emotions from tennis great, Allen Fox, author of 4 books on the mental game of tennis and former professional player, it is our ability to override our emotional response to give up when faced with extreme pressure. We are going to be Read More.

Consistency For High School Golfers – Part 1

This subject of consistency is something I have worked on for myself for many years and led me to develop my mental training product Break 80 Without Practice. Welcome to the Mental Toughness Academy! I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer for youth athletes and a dedicated golfer. I wanted to share with you in Read More.

What Makes A Great Sports Coach?

Everyone who puts in the time to coach wants to help their athletes succeed.  But what makes a great sports coach?  In this video, Coach Wayne Mendezona of Quick Handle Basketball camps and former professional player shares what he thinks makes a great youth sports coach… How to become a great youth sports coach… My Read More.

Confidence Tips For Athletes

Confidence is one of those things that is hard to teach and most people just assume you have it or you don’t.  It’s not true! We wanted to share with you some of Youth Basketball Coach Wayne Mendezona, former professional basketball player, quick confidence tips on how to instill courage and a “never give up” Read More.

Mental Training In Sports Is Critical

In this article you will learn about how critical is Mental Training In Sports. Parents this is important! Your kids need to get mental training for their sport just like they do for their physical skills.   I’ve worked with hundreds of kids on their mental game and can definitively tell you that something as Read More.

Mark Herzlich All Amercian Cancer Survivor on 60 Minutes

Here is an amazing example of how mental toughness  and hard work will lead to success against the odds… The TV show 60 Minutes featured Mark Herzlich, former All American.  Notice in the interview, his single minded devotion to his goal of playing in the NFL – he does not even let cancer stop him! Read More.

The Ins and Outs of College Athletic Recruiting Part II

This is the continuation of a fascinating story about the process of college athletic recruiting told by a mother of two teenage boys recruited by Ivy League colleges. This is part two of an article by Pam Carey, author of Minor League Mom: A Mother’s Journey Through the Red Sox Farm Teams.  Pam offers us Read More.

Coach Mendo: Courage For Kids in Basketball Training

Coach Wayne Mendezona runs basketball camps in 7 states. He has played and coached professionally and at the collegiate level.  In this video, he talks about how he inspires courage in kids in basketball training   To learn more about Coach Mendo’s basketball training camps click here Quick Handle Basketball Training

Sometimes It Is TOUGH Being A Sports Parent

Welcome to the Mental Toughness Academy!  I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer. I have two teenage boys myself that play sports, so I get it how hard parental involvement is in youth sports! It requires a lot of balance between cheerleading them on and keeping your mouth shut, because none of us want to Read More.