The Ups and Downs of College Athletic Recruiting

What does it take to get a college scholarship these days? What is the recruiting process really like? Pam Carey, the author of MINOR LEAGUE MOM:  A MOTHER’S JOURNEY THROUGH THE RED SOX FARM TEAMS shares her experience as a mom of two teenage boys recruited by Ivy League colleges.  I found her story fascinating Read More.

Let The Kids Play- The Need For Real Change in Youth Sports

This is part two of an article by Bob Bigelow, author of the book Just Let the Kids Play and former NBA player weighing in on the need for change in youth sports.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below… There are frankly though way too many serious youth sports issues that have Read More.

Tips For Successful Athletic College Recruiting

It is the dream of most serious athletes and their parents to get an athletic scholarship to the college of their choice.  There are many things athletes can do to help their chances. We invited a guest expert to give you some tips on how to get a sports scholarship.  Even if you are not Read More.

The Power Of Intention

I wanted to share with you a personal story of a friend of mine that illustrates the power of intention and making a decision.  I felt so moved by his story, I sent it to my son and suggest you share it with your kids as well… I’m going to confess to you.  You won’t Read More.

Developing Resilience Through Your Child’s Sport

At the Mental Toughness Academy we want to support you to be great sports parents, because you have a tremendous impact on the way your children see themselves and interact with the world. We have found a great resource for you, Sport Parent Support, a website dedicated to helping parents ‘foster well-being in children through Read More.

D1 Girls Softball Team: I Had A Dream

D1 Girl’s Softball Team: I Had A Dream. This is the continuation of Erika Mueller’s Sports blog… Growing up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest taught me the importance building personal relationships and recognizing the richness of tradition. It also fed my hunger to explore the unknown and build a dream of pursuing Read More.

Motivational Coach Speeches to Pump You Up for Sports

Welcome to the Mental Toughness Academy!  I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer for youth athletes.  We are all are inspired by great motivational speeches, aren’t we?  Hollywood has done a great job of allowing us glimpses into the locker rooms to see how coaches use motivational speeches to pump the athletes up.  We put Read More.

Motivational Sports Videos: Get Motivated and Stay Mentally Strong

I always enjoy watching great motivational sports videos, movies, to find their message still inspires me. Do you remember the movie Billy Jack? It’s not a sports movie, but the character Billy Jack, had an excellent definition of being mentally inspired.. In this video, we present a short montage of motivational sports video clips from Read More.

Code Of Conduct For Youth Sports Coaches

Youth coaches have a difficult job. They are the key decision-makers. They set examples. Players look to them for leadership. Administrators—and parents—look to them to make good choices. Michael Langlois  from Taking You Beyond the Game gives great tips on how to SUCCESSFULLY interact with your youth athletes. Doing The “Right Things”: The Code of Read More.

Jump Into Teen Athletes Minds

I want to introduce you to our new collegiate student-athlete
 Erika Mueller.  She is a Division 1 softball player at Brown 
University. She will be chronicling for us her story about going
 from high school to captain of her team at Brown and the mindset
 she had to develop to get there. 

 We thought Read More.