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Mental Toughness Academy Training For Youth Athletes

(For ages 6-10 with parent, 10-16 self study)

Acquiring automatic confidence for kids… is the well kept secret that has been used by the Pros for years!

Help your athletes get ahead of the curve by getting a competitive advantage with this cutting-edge training specifically designed for youth athletes.

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Mental Toughness Training For Youth Athletes

Mental Toughness Training For Youth Athletes


Advanced Mental Toughness Home Study Program (serious 16+ competitors)

When you are ready to finalouly eliminate the mental baggage holding you back from what you know you can achieve, this is the program.

The formula for winning and achieving is: Performance = Potential – Interference.

Craig Sigl’s proprietary R.A.C.E. formula, developed over 11 years and 1500+ clients in person and tens of thousands online, simply crushes mental blocks and does the confidence building for you.

This program includes “Fearless Competitor” and “Confidence From Scratch” programs.

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Basketball Mental Toughness Training For Youth Athletes (Ages 8-18)

Your standard advice to “just think positive and believe in yourself” is just not enough anymore…

Instead of the tired old cliches kids hear like: “Face your fears” and “You’ve got to want it” and “Get your head in the game” etc.

…this training is about going much deeper into the belief systems of these kids and transforming them at the cellular level.

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Baseball/Softball Mental Toughness Training For Youth Athletes (Ages 8-18)

Maximize your kids potential with this Baseball/Softball training program.

Most all other mental game advice has been created by and targeted to the collegiate and adult athlete. It comes from studies using adult players….NOT THE KIDS.

From working one on one with hundreds of kids, in person, I have discovered that you can’t teach kids the same things and in the same way that you teach adults.

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How To Be A Fearless Competitor (16+ adult athletes)

Athletes and performers often come to us looking for confidence. The truth about confidence is that you can’t build it in the presence of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of physical injury or death are the biggest cause of sub-par performances.   Confidence is icing on the cake.

Courage, boldness and fearlessness are the cake.

Fear shows up as nervousness, tense, anxious, timid play and causes all sorts of negative thoughts.

This program is embedded in the Advanced Mental Toughness program above but is an excellent stand-alone training to get started on your journey to peak performances.

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How To Be An Outstanding Youth Sports Parent

By Aaron Locks,  CEO and Founder of the National Academy of Athletics

Everything you need to know from the top youth sports expert in the U.S.  Learn how to always say and do the right thing with your kid for every situation.

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Youth Sports Coach Training

National Academy of Athletics

Discover a complete library of training for youth coaches put together by one of the top youth sports coaches in the U.S.

National Academy of Athletics – Youth Sports Coach Training

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Conquering Your Sports Injury


12 entertaining videos filled with proven-effective mental healing strategies and techniques including stories and lessons learned from professional athletes.

Broken down into 3 Phases that include 4 guided visualization audios that you can be listened to on your cell phone or iPad so you can listen any time it’s convenient.

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Mental Toughness For Youth Catholic Athletes

Give your athlete the tools to be successful in their sport and live a faith-based life.

This includes the MT Academy above but also has training videos that tie each of the lessons for sports into the basics of the Catholic faith.

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Mental Toughness For Catholic Athletes

Mental Toughness For Catholic Athletes

Confidence From Scratch (all athletes/performers)

12 specific tactics and techniques that teach athletes how to build the confident state and use it on command.
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