Build Confidence From Scratch – review technique 3 of 12

Ask any athlete or competitor about a time when they were confident before competition and somewhere in the conversation, they will use the term “Feel confident.” Confidence is an emotion which results in a feeling. Emotions are always preceded by thoughts, conscious and/or unconscious.

Too many people think that confidence is just something that “happens” to them…or not.  Those people do not understand or USE the control they have over their mind and so they leave it up to chance whether or not they will be confident.  This is a tragedy because you can literally generate confidence on command and build it up overall for your life if you approach it like acquiring any other skill.

In sports (and in life), confident players simply perform to their potential more often yet very few athletes will take the time to gain this advantage and so…if you do, you will have an edge over your competition.  Confident people make better decisions. Confident kids don’t succumb to peer pressure. Confident people are more likely to take action toward their goals.

Building confidence can be done with intentional drills and exercises.  In the video below, I give you one of my 12 most powerful, yet simple techniques that create confidence and self respect in anyone…if you use it.  This is a segment from my new “Confidence From Scratch” online training program.

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  1. Brian Gotta

    Hi Craig,

    I’m afraid I couldn’t get the contact form to work. I found your site and it looks like you have a lot of great content. My company, CoachDeck, ( works with thousands of youth sports leagues in North America. We put out a monthly newsletter in which we typically include an article from an expert like yourself. I wanted to see if you might be interested in contributing an article from time-to-time. We would, of course, fully attribute it to you and provide a link to your website. You can see examples of previous issues here:

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    1. Craig Sigl Post author

      Hi Brian, thanks for telling me the form doesn’t work! My webmaster is on it!
      I sent you an email and yes, I would love to contribute content to your letter.
      Thanks for reaching out.



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