The Corporate Team – Break 80 Inc.

Craig Sigl – Mental Toughness Trainer

head shot of Craig-300Craig has worked with over 1500 people, in person, assisting them to destroy their mental blocks, build explosive confidence, and turbo-charge motivation.  Featured on NBC TV, ESPN, Huffington Post, Golf Digest, The Seattle Post Intelligencer and countless other blogs and radio, Craig’s mission is to teach 1,000,000 people mental toughness by the year 2020.  More about Craig here.



meBen de Pio – Webmaster

Ben is our technical wizard for all of our online presence. We don’t know how he does what he does, but if we can dream it, he just gets it done for us. We keep him very busy full time solving internet problems, streamlining our sites, security, building new apps and making everything work together seemlessly.  Ben is a proud father of 2 kids, enjoys fishing, basketball, and doing charity work for his local community.


 Paul Vincent Camaya – Visual DirectorPaul small

Paul is our first employee having been with us from the start. He manages all of our visual assets – videos, DVDs, graphics and photos. You will see his video editing and graphical creations everywhere in our business. Paul has a very strong Christian faith and is active in his church and extended family activities.

Mitch Tizon – Content Manager

Mitch is currently working on different marketing tasks for Mental Toughness. She’s also doing customer support and video/image editing support for the team. She’s an all-around assistant who also loves to discover new things!

Richard Harris – Affiliate/Joint Venture Manager 

Richard shares his experiences as a coach, teacher, and athlete to help families that have frustrated and underperforming youth transition from being fearful, stressed, and pressured to becoming confident and consistent competitors in and away from sports. Richard is a graduate of Howard University, with a degree in Business Management, where he also was a member of the Division I Baseball and club Bowling teams. He has also earned a Christian Leader Diploma from Christian Leaders Institute and is the author of Helping Youth Develop. Richard enjoys baseball, basketball, bowling, jigsaw puzzles, and word games.


Break 80 Inc. has been a registered corporation with the state of Washington since 2004. We pride ourselves on stellar customer service and getting our customers results when others can’t.  We have a perfect record online and with all consumer agencies.  We look forward to serving your needs!

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