Young Athlete Shares How She Stayed Motivated

increase motivation

What is it like to be an athlete at an Ivy league college?

We wanted to give you a view through the eyes of Erika Mueller, a varsity softball player at Brown. Here’s her take on how to increase motivation:

“Every person’s athletic journey consists of its ups and downs. The longer you play, the greater chance you will experience those setbacks. Maybe you give a poor performance or have a disagreement with a coach or teammate. It is possible you could suffer from an illness or injury that you must bounce back from” Says Erika.

“With each of these and many other challenges, it is all part of sport and it is all a part of life. The thing you must ask yourself at some point is why do you do it?

What motivates you to endure all of the hardships?

“The pain, the stress, the time practicing the same little things over and over again… Once you answer this question it becomes easier to identify your priorities and stay motivated within these parameters” She says.

It could be that you play sports for fun.

“That’s it. You don’t care how good you are, you just love playing. If that’s the case, it may be that practicing and working 24/7 to get better is not going to be at the top of your list. Contrarily, if you play sports because you want to play professionally someday and that is your serious aspiration, you may approach your workouts and athletics differently, and you should.”

Being able to identify why you do it can help to get you through the tough times.

increase motivationErika says “For me, it has been a combination of things. Not only have I loved the sport, but I love the things I have gained from it. Sure you gain relationships and enjoy successes with your teammates, but for me, I love being good at something. And I love being able to constantly learn. You can say these are possibilities in countless activities, but I found softball to be my own.”

Erika shares how her motivation has evolved:

“My motivation has changed over time, as well. At one point it was to make friends, then it was to get to college, and then it was to please my coaches.I hope that nobody ever loses sight of the reason they started playing, though. It is for the fun.

“I may not acknowledge that when I’m waking up early and going to bed exhausted from a long day of school and practices, but at the end of the day you have to enjoy some part of it or else it may not be worth it anymore. In college, these questions challenge you to examine your reasoning constantly.”

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