06MattwithRadarBeing mentally strong really means you are able to overcome adversity, able to be honest and truthful with yourself during failure, and able to overcome coaches or players who do not have your best intentions at heart or in mind.

You’re going to get a lot of coaches who have the mentality of dealing with players in an abusive manner – mentally abusive, emotionally abusive, and psychologically abusive. Neither does this abuse create successful athletes nor does it build confidence. All such techniques just make the player mentally weak.

You really have to have a strong core to be able to withstand that and to become mentally strong and understand of how to deal with these types of people. Such mental training builds confidence, because you know that if put in that situation, in dealing with those circumstances, you can truly overcome them.

You can possibly help teach that person a lesson, “Being abusive is not productive and you’re not going to help influence me. Or you’re not going to help make the team better with that kind of attitude.” Therefore, being mental strong, you don’t just build your confidence but also make a strong team.

You can help shape your environment that way. Rather than just being a passive observer, you can actually be a very active player. In my mind, the players that have that ability, they created opportunities for themselves. They created friendships. They were the leaders of every team that I was on.

Have you had any incidence where being mentally strong has helped you not just improve your performance but of your team to? Do share your thoughts in comment

FenWayMatt Bruback played professional baseball for nine years and created a weighted sports called the Miracle belt to help improve balance for athletes. In 2006 this application was found to help infants and children with developmental disabilities including autism, ADHD, and many other sensory related disorders. The sports belt was redesigned at Community Haven with the help of occupational and physical therapists.