Sports Parents

Welcome sports parents! First off, we want to commend and praise you. Many adults fail to see the value sports provide our kids in preparing them for life:

  • How to build and keep confidence
  • Commitment and follow through
  • Teamwork and personal relationships in a competitive environment
  • Respect for self and others
  • Self-motivation
  • Get over fears
  • How to win/succeed
  • Resilience

Some parents are put off by the term “Mental Toughness.” As you can see by the list above, it is nothing more than learning LIFE SKILLS. (We’re so passionate about this that we made our telephone number: 1-85-LifeSkil)

We are your resource for everything you need to support your child/teen to learn these mental and emotional tools to give them the boost they need in today’s competitive world. Here’s how to get the most from us whether you soak in our plentiful FREE training for parents or take advantage of our paid programs:



Get your FREE Ebook Download: “10 Commandments For A Great Sports Parent.” Your trainer, Craig Sigl, has written this quick read for sports parents to be able to know how to:

“Always Do The Right Thing As A Sports Parent”

In addition to the ebook, we will send you 6 tips on how to help your athlete perform under pressure and a guided visualization .mp3 for your kid to listen to on the way to his/her next competition. “8 Minutes To Confidence”

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We highly recommend sports parents watch this video by Craig to learn the one most important lesson all parents need in order to avoid creating the #1 problem in youth performers: Fear of failure.

When you finish that article, click the Category menu on the right of every page of this site and select the Parents category and you will find a treasure trove of tips for you.

Everyone is so busy!

How does efficiency translate to your becoming a great sports parent?

As a former Fortune 500 manager, I was trained to constantly be on the lookout for ways to get things done with total efficiency, using the least amount of time and energy.

I know how busy most athletes are!

I hear countless stories of how difficult it is to balance school, sports, home responsibilities and work on top of that!

As a parent of an athlete, you must be a part-time taxi, financial sponsor, counselor, and cheerleader in addition to your regular family and career obligations. My hats off to you and your child for keeping it all together.

Everything here on this site and in my trainings are done with efficiency in mind.

Providing You With An Amazing Opportunity To Connect With Your Child/Teen


One of my main goals in the work I do, is to bring parents and kids together using sports as a vehicle. It’s not enough for me to teach my clients how to win – I also want to bring families together.

I wrote the ebook, “The 10 Commandments For A Great Sports Parent” to help you build a strong, supportive relationship with your child. The book is designed to help you connect with your child at a much deeper level than you ever thought possible. I am giving this book away, because I think it is THAT important.

Having worked over 8 years one-on-one with athletes, I learned what are the biggest issues they face, what causes them fear and stress and how to talk to them so they are open to listen and learn. I am very passionate about helping kids transform their lives!

I spent over a year taking the best of my tools and techniques and we put them into a video program designed specifically for kids.

The online training program consists of 24 videos and 8 guided visualizations in an exclusive membership site.

YOU CAN GO THROUGH IT WITH YOUR CHILD/TEEN as a Bonding Experience and to teach your family’s values.

I so strongly believe in the trainings effectiveness, I am offering a “no questions asked” sixty day guarantee for all of my programs.

“Craig gives them the tools to train themselves mentally to overcome obstructions. This journey has been amazing.”

-Parent of a 15 Year Old Baseball Player

“I see a difference when he taps into the tools you’ve given him.”

-Parent of a 15 Year Old Baseball Player

“Overall, she’s a happier kid.”

-Julie, Spokane WA,
Parent of 17 year old pole vaulter state champion

Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!

Craig Sigl, The Mental Toughness Trainer and Youth Sports Specialist