Athletes & Performers

All athletes and performers know they have more ability, skills, and talents than they have been showing in competition or on the stage.

You are here because you want to see your talent show up a lot more consistently… when it counts. The formula to achieve that is:

Performance = Potential – Interference

Whether you are a middle school, high school, college/elite, or a recreational athlete, you can learn, just like any other skill, the mastery of yourself in order to perform your very best. Mental Toughness is:

Confident, Focused, Determined & Resilient…especially under pressure

Craig Sigl has developed a very powerful and proven systematic process to give athletes and performers that skill.

It’s called The R.A.C.E. method. In these pages and our newsletter are the secrets you seek. Let us guide you:


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Click Here and watch this video to learn how/why Craig Sigl is unique among mental game coaches and the real power source you have inside you that most athletes are clueless about. In our training, you aren’t going to get re-hashed trite sayings and advice like “face your fears” or “you just have to think positive thoughts” like so many others.

Here in Craig’s training, we are going to go the core of where your issues live and your success energy is ready to be unleashed. When you understand the concept in this video and begin to work with it…all your performance issues are over.

“If you want to be the best, you seek out the best.

Craig is the best at what he does.”

Bryan Hoddle, Olympia, WA

2004 USA Para-Olympic Head Track and Field Coach

“Craig has done so much to help me rejuvenate my floundering career as a professional athlete. Originally sought out Craig to help with a mental glitch/hitch in my giddyup that I was having while trying to execute my technique for punting.

I read countless books on Sports Psychology, Mental Toughness, positive thinking, etc. But I never could quite attain the desired outcome I was looking for. So finally, I was at my wit’s end trying to fix this mechanical “problem” I was having. It was driving me crazy. I knew I had done everything PHYSICALLY possible to try and correct it. So now, I knew that the only possible area of my game left that needed to be worked on was my mental.

After a few sessions with Craig, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my ability to execute without any mental hangups. My ability to relax under pressure improved drastically, along with my ability to focus on the moment and not the outcome. I can tell you now, that although I may feel a lil’ bit of excitement when I step onto the field, it’s a totally different form of energy, an empowered one and one that brings all the right positive energy into my mind. As opposed to the negative clutter that used to creep in.

After working with Craig, I landed a job playing in the CFL (Canadian Football League) and had success almost immediately. This year I was nominated as my team’s ‘Most Outstanding Special Teams’ player, which is no easy task and was a great honor for me personally. I can also tell you I’ve had more “fun” being an athlete again than I’ve ever had since I turned Pro – thanks to my newfound mindset.

And I have Craig to thank for most of it.

If you’re an athlete or even just someone looking to improve your performance in your desired field, I would like to encourage you to seekout Craig’s help just as I did. Only hopefully, you’ll do it sooner than I did. I treated it as a last resort. When really, I should have had it in my arsenal from the get go.”

-Eddie Johnson, Punter/Kicker CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders #11

Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!

Craig Sigl, The Mental Toughness Trainer and Youth Sports Specialist