Coaching Mental Toughness

You’ve got a tough job, I know. With everyone on the team wanting more playing time and parents doing their thing to advocate for their kid, it’s so much more difficult for your typical sports coach these days since competition is so fierce. I’ve even heard of coaches instituting rules that they won’t talk to parents anymore and they delegate that to an assistant.

You JUST WANT TO COACH and you could do a better job, except for:

Your athlete’s lack of confidence, aggressiveness, and resilience. (and the issues with the parents)

Now, you may know some things about that and I applaud any efforts you make there but the truth is, you just don’t have the time to do it, right?! That’s where I come in to support you.

You are in the right place here if you want FREE:

  • Quick tools and techniques to help your athletes mental game when their issues pop up.
  • A full training program you can refer to your athletes to do what you don’t have time to do.
  • An understanding of what goes on in the mind of athletes and how to work with it.
  • Short videos that you can send to your athletes to teach them specific concepts you want them to learn before the next game, match, or meet.
  • Tactics for dealing with parents!
  • Techniques to get your athletes to play as well in competition as they do in practice!


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Go watch this short video I did which I think is the most important message I can give coaches who are interested in bringing out up-and-coming athlete’s performance potential: A Coaching MUST to maximize talent

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“If you want to be the best, you seek out the best.

Craig is the best at what he does.”

Bryan Hoddle, Olympia, WA

2004 USA Para-Olympic Head Track and Field Coach




Daniel Jahn, Max Sports Conditioning, Bellevue, WA




“He Had The Most Outstanding Meet I’ve Ever Seen A Kid Have”

Coach Ben Olszewski,
Stingray Swim Team



Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!

Craig Sigl, The Mental Toughness Trainer and Youth Sports Specialist