Certified Trainers

Are you looking for a proven, systematic process to fill in the gap between your passion and the reality of you earning a good living assisting athletes and performers to their potential?

Craig Sigl is personally teaching small groups of highly committed coaches his methods of eliminating

  • performance anxiety
  • mental blocks
  • low/inconsistent confidence
  • fears, worries, doubts
  • nervousness
  • lack of aggressiveness
  • Stuck on a performance plateau
  • inability to bring your practice game over to pressured competition.
  1. Info for sports coaches here.
  2. Info for therapists, life coaches here.

The certified trainers below have completed coursework in the program and are available for hire and recommended by Craig.  You can be confident that they are well-trained in our Mental Toughness Training methodology while bringing their specialty expertise for working with your unique situation.

Cheryl Rode – expertise in younger kids


Phone: 1-859-312-5434

Cheryl has a deep passion for helping people using her natural curiosity, strong intuition, active listening, life experiences, Certified Life Coach Training and Mental Toughness Training. These are just a few reasons why Clients LOVE Working With Her. A former athlete and successful business owner for 16 years, she uses Mental Toughness in her own life and as a proud mother of a 18 year old son. As a parent of an athlete pursing his dream to become a D1 basketball athlete, she’s well-informed in the college recruiting process. For this reason, she enjoys assisting parents as part of the process. Cheryl also has a special gift for working with younger kids issues including bullying. Her Mental Toughness Training for sport also carrys over into academics, relationships, communication and successful mindset for life. She works via Zoom/Skype/Facetime or Phone worldwide.

Australian Sports Performance Specialist – Peter Tait

I am a current Level 3 AHA accredited winning sports coach and former state representative hockey player who understands what it takes for athletes to consistently perform at their best. Specializing in sports performance, I am passionate about helping athletes of all ages in achieving their athletic potential. I work with athletes from all sports including tennis, golf, cricket, hockey and soccer, focusing on finding solutions to their performance problems such as low confidence, nervousness, inability to focus, and inconsistency. I work via Skype and Zoom in Australia and worldwide. Visit my website to schedule a free initial session.

Canadian Baseball, Hockey Expert – Ken Ansell


Phone: 306-525-0007

I’ve been a massage therapist for 22 years, a medical acupuncturist for 10, and a baseball coach for the last 12 years educated as a NCCP coach. I have found through years of treating and coaching thousands of athletes, most are not developing their mental game. I work with all sports, specializing in baseball, hockey, court sports and golf with problems like lack of confidence / aggressiveness, choking under pressure, slumps, the yips, plateaus, nervousness and tension, especially youth athletes pursuing college scholarships or pro-sports careers. Canada’s Premier Mental Toughness Trainer. In Person or worldwide via Skype/Facetime/Zoom/Phone.

Sports Parent Specialist – Wendy Lynne


Phone: 425-691-8402

In addition to her Mental Toughness Trainer credential, Wendy Lynne is also a certified life coach and hypnotherapist. She specializes in working with the parents of athletes to assist them in fully supporting their child's success. She loves guiding teen girl athletes through the maze of difficulties they uniquely face in addition to releasing the pressures of their personal life on their sports performance. She has an office in the Seattle area and also works via Skype/Facetime/Zoom or phone. Schedule a free initial discover session with her.

Stress Management Coach – Prentiss Rhodes


Phone: 1-623-850-8703

When life’s ups and downs create stress, the interference that it causes stops us from reaching our full potential. In the past, I was a severe stress case and also struggled with performance anxiety. As a result of this, I’ve learned to look at stress causing events in a more empathetic way. As a mental toughness trainer, life coach, strength coach and martial artist, I have a multi-faceted approach to helping people from business owners to performers break through the barriers that cause stress and performance anxiety. You can be certain that the solutions we work on together are going to be dialed in to your uniqueness. I’m located in Scottsdale, AZ and work via Skype/Zoom/ or phone worldwide. Prentiss Rhodes. Schedule a free consult with me here: http://stressmentorprentissrhodes.com

Rugby Coach – Damian Neill


Phone: 00356 3550 0901

Having been a Professional National Coach for nearly 15 years, I love helping aspiring rugby player’s and coaches perform under pressure with confidence, consistently, PERIOD! If you want to take your game to the next level, be the athlete or coach people admire, and want live your dream performance, with confidence, consistently, then we need to connect! Damian is from Wales (UK), and lives in Malta (Europe), he works Worldwide, via skype/zoom or phone. Skype: damianneill

Basketball, Football expert – Richard Gunn

Phone: 1+574-339-0163

Richard is a mental toughness trainer and life coach. A former D1 college football player, he loves all sports, but his absolute passion is working with basketball players. He specializes in assisting them with bringing their relaxed confidence, focus, and aggressiveness that they have in practice, over to their competition...miss a few shots and then lose your confidence? Richard has solutions. He has offices located in South Bend, IN, Mishawka, IN, and Elkhart Indiana. He also works via Skype/Facetime/ Zoom or Phone worldwide. Call to schedule a free initial session.

U.K. Golf Coach – Carol Alford


Phone: (+44) 7890 528119

Carol a certified Mental Toughness trainer has combined her two passions golf and performance coaching to help golfers of all abilities to reach their true potential. A mad keen golfer herself, she has spent years perfecting her skills as a performance coach, hypnotist and NLP practitioner to deliver a programme guaranteed to deliver results. Based in the Midlands in the UK, Carol has worked with a variety of players from county squads to international players on scholarships and touring pros. If you want to unlock the secret to play the golf of your dreams, visit her website http://www.braintrain4.com for a complimentary session