Cheryl Rode – expertise in younger kids


Cheryl Rode has a deep passion for helping people using her natural curiosity, strong intuition, active listening, life experiences, Certified Life Coach Training and Mental Toughness Training. […]

Cheryl Rode – expertise in younger kids2020-07-08T06:16:18+08:00

Canadian Baseball, Hockey Expert – Ken Ansell


I’ve been a massage therapist for 22 years, a medical acupuncturist for 10, and a baseball coach for the last 12 years educated as a NCCP coach. I have found through years of treating and coaching thousands of athletes, most are not developing their mental game. […]

Canadian Baseball, Hockey Expert – Ken Ansell2020-07-08T06:15:08+08:00

Sports Parent Specialist – Wendy Lynne


In addition to her Mental Toughness Trainer credential, Wendy Lynne is also a certified life coach and hypnotherapist. She specializes in working with the parents of athletes to assist them in fully supporting their child’s success. […]

Sports Parent Specialist – Wendy Lynne2021-07-13T07:44:57+08:00

Stress Management Coach – Prentiss Rhodes


When life’s ups and downs create stress, the interference that it causes stops us from reaching our full potential. In the past, I was a severe stress case and also struggled with performance anxiety. As a result of this, I’ve learned to look at stress causing events in a more empathetic way. As a mental toughness trainer, life coach, strength coach, and martial artist, […]

Stress Management Coach – Prentiss Rhodes2020-07-08T06:27:29+08:00

Rugby Coach – Damian Neill


Having been a Professional National Coach for nearly 15 years, I love helping aspiring rugby player’s and coaches perform under pressure with confidence, consistently, PERIOD! […]

Rugby Coach – Damian Neill2020-07-08T06:32:04+08:00

U.K. Golf Coach – Carol Alford


Carol a certified Mental Toughness trainer has combined her two passions golf and performance coaching to help golfers of all abilities to reach their true potential. […]

U.K. Golf Coach – Carol Alford2020-07-08T06:35:17+08:00
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