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How To Become Fearless, Bold & Confident In Life


How would you like to be Fearless? And courageous? How would you like to stop being scared or anxious or nervous so much? It all starts with my basic formula: Performance = Potential - Interference What do these words mean? Well, the word, Performance, means- you playing your sport or game or doing anything you want to do well in. Potential means, what you have the ability to do, right now, today. Interference means - whatever holds you back or stops you. Summing it up, the whole formula means this: You will play/perform your best when you get rid of the [...]

How To Become Fearless, Bold & Confident In Life2021-12-04T04:00:02+08:00

Smart Goal Setting for Baseball Players


Smart Goal-Setting!I’ve worked with countless youth, college, and pro baseball players over the years and I am shocked at how few of them have taken advantage of a very simple, yet powerful mental tool to get their play to the next level. Usually, they come to see me because they have problems…they are in a slump, or have the throwing yips, or just not playing to the talent and skills they know they have. I often start out by asking them about the decisions they have made about their game. They usually answer something about deciding to play for this team [...]

Smart Goal Setting for Baseball Players2021-07-09T05:09:09+08:00

You Need a Growth Mindset – Learn How From NBA Star Steph Curry


"Believing that your qualities are carved in stone - which is part of having a fixed mindset - discourages risk-taking and revision.People with a fixed mindset avoid challenging situations that might lead to failure because success depends upon protecting and promoting their set of fixed qualities and concealing their deficiencies." -- Steph Curry We came across a really good article the other day from inc.com: "You Need a Growth Mindset -- and NBA Star Steph Curry Can Teach You How to Get One" This article was geared more towards entrepreneurs, however the main points were still extremely relevant to athletes. [...]

You Need a Growth Mindset – Learn How From NBA Star Steph Curry2021-07-09T05:55:33+08:00

How to Overcome Embarrassment


“I almost died of embarrassment.” “I was SO embarrassed by my parents.” As the mental toughness trainer, one of the core fears I assist people to clear is the fear of embarrassment. […]

How to Overcome Embarrassment2020-05-27T06:42:40+08:00
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