Mental Toughness Academy Success Stories

Craig Sigl’s work featured on NBC TV’s Evening Magazine show

Alix Brown, Gymnast

“I set a school record and I’ve been able to run away.”

Adam Houston, Cross Country. Went on to run for Yale.

We have had the benefit of sending athletes to Craig Sigl and every time we do, he sends them back more prepared, mentally tougher, more ready for performance than I’ve ever seen.

Daniel Jahn, owner Max Sports Conditioning – athletic training

“Play with passion, play with love.”

Doug, Baseball Player

“After coming in here and working with Craig and I’ve learned different tools that will make me succeed and I am definitely lot better now.”

Zack, Basketball Player

“Craig gives them the tools to train themselves mentally to overcome obstructions, and this process-this journey has been nothing but amazing.”

Parent of 15 year old baseball player

“It’s like a straight shot to what you can do because nothing’s getting in the way.”

Lizzy Armstrong, Pole Vaulter – went on to Baylor

“My Confidence is a lot better because I have those strategies.”

Justine H

“I’ve been set free and ready to set some PRs!”

Riley – Crew

“My Confidence Just Shows On The Court”

Erika – Basketball player

“I’m so much more relaxed with myself and accepting”

Justin – Sounders Academy Soccer club

“Fear is just chemicals really helped me”

Audrey – Gymnast

“Put what Craig told me to work, and we’ve been having success more than what we’re having in the past with my team.”

Harry H, team roper Pendelton, OR

“There’s no fear”

Zach – Football kicker

“I’m practicing the exercises and growing with her!”

Keri – Sports mom

“I’m more confident and consistent”

Maddie – Volleyball

“I feel like a more complete person”

Max – Swimmer

“Confidence…before I was a 5/10, now I think it’s around 11!”

Chris – Software engineer

“He Had The Most Outstanding Meet I’ve Ever Seen A Kid Have”


Coach Ben Olszewski -Stingray Swim Team


“Craig Sigl is the real deal”

Matt Bruback – MLB Pitcher
(Orioles, Padres, Pirates, Cubs)

“I Got Myself Through All My Fears”

Bailee Jacka -17. Won Girls 2A State
Championship in Pole Vault After Working With Craig

“She went on the court like a different player”

Kira -10 Tennis

“My Whole Life Has Gotten Better Using This Training”

Tyler Mooney – 17,Select Soccer Player

“You’re In A League Of Your Own”

“Just wanted to send you a quick note of THANKS for giving me the tools, resources, and power within myself to overcome those last barriers of both sport and personal endeavors. Your intuitive ability and genuineness shine through. I’ve worked with several professionals for my mental game and you are in a league of your own! You have a gift unlike any others in your field, it has truly been a pleasure to work with you!”

Jenny Brogdon – Training for2012 Olympics

“I’m More Confident As A Person”

Makaela Nellams – 17, Select Soccer Player

“What Was Stopping Me Is All Gone…”

Amanda Hoffman – 16, Figure Skater

“If you want to be the best, you seek out the best. Craig is the best at what he does.”

“In my 29 years of coaching world-class athletes and gold medalists as well as countless high school state champions, I’ve run into numerous coaches and sports mental experts. I have never been so impressed as I am with the work you are doing for my athletes. It is so comforting to know that I can go to you when their mental blocks come up. I am extremely happy to have you on my team as you are taking a big weight off my shoulders. Thanks again.

Bryan Hoddle, Olympia, WA – 2004
USA Para-Olympic Head Track and Field Coach

“I Know I Can Just Do It”

Drew S. – Basketball player

“Changed The Way I Play The Game”

“Craig helped me change the way I play the game of baseball forever. Beyond baseball, Craig’s tools have helped me handle and address many important aspects of my life not just today but for the long term.”

Colin Martell, Seattle, WA – 13 baseball player

“Overall, She’s A Happier Person”

Julie Jacka – Parent of 17 y/o track athlete

“I’ve Learned How To Focus Better And Stay Positive”

Nolan B – 14 Golfer, Olympia WA

“I wish I Had This Training 30 Years Ago”

Kelly M. – Soccer parent

“Mental Toughness training made the difference…
it’s why he won the state championship”

Bonney Ottow – Director,Sabotage
Sports Select Volleyball & Wrestling Teams

“Working With Craig Has Helped Me Get
The Mindset Of Being A Bigger Person”

Blake Maimone – 15 Varsity
Basketballl and Football Sammamish, WA

“It’s Helped Him Dig Deep And Find The True Doug”

Julie K – Parent of 13 year-old baseball player

“My son wanted to make an impact!”
I purchased the Mental Toughness Academy program and reviewed it for my son. He has been using the training with great zeal. He especially likes goal setting and visualization.

Being new to a competitive team, he does not get much playing time. He would squander his 10-20 minutes without “cause,” but this now it is different. He wants to make an impact in the short amount of time he has when he does play.

He realized that he needed to be deliberate and that his opportunities to score were limited. He also needed to make sure every time he got the ball to make it count. He set a “goal” to score a “goal.” His tactic to make sure that happened was that he would be in the right position (playing off the ball to receive for a scoring opportunity)… And he did it!

He had been in 6+ other games with little impact. This was his first game after completing your training and he scored within 5 minutes. Thank you for making these videos so that young kids can understand them.

Ronnie O’Dell, Parent

“He looked so ready and having more fun than ever!”
The training is going great. My Son Paul is into the third week of the modules. He recently had a NJ state qualifier wrestling tournament and he was like a different kid. He won all three of his matches to take first place and wrestled with the most confidence I had ever seen. One of the fathers who was with me commented before his first match that he looked so ready.

I am still hopping he he can start seeing the benefit of working out with the tougher kids in his club that work him over ( he still tends to avoid them but not as much as he used to) but the progress has been more then I could of hoped for. He has his Goals written out and he seems to be having more fun than ever. Thanks!

Robert Jakub, Parent

“I’m having fun now!”
My son is now a starting inside linebacker on his football team and after watching your video on affirmations, he told himself yesterday that he was going to force a fumble in his scrimmage last night. Sure enough, last night he had six tackles and a forced fumble! I think he is now a believer in the power of your mental toughness training and last night he actually gave me a hug and told me “Thanks for signing me up for this team. I’m having fun now.” This comes after weeks of telling us that he hated his new team and we were the worst parents in the world for making him play for this team.

We finished your first week of courses last night and we look forward to beginning week two! Thanks again guys.

Kevin Alvey

“I am trusting this program will equip me with the knowledge on how best to help the athletes”
I purchased the program because I think it’s a great tool for coaches. I have been involved in Sport administration for many years. I was fortunate enough to coach the South African U16 and SA U19 schools Netball teams. I managed the South African Proteas Netball team and attended 2 World Netball championships, The Commonwealth Games and various test Series. I opened my own netball academy recently as there was a great demand.

The challenge teachers/coaches have is that they don’t get enough time to work on skills and tend to work mainly on tactics. Some coaches simply don’t have the know how regarding teaching a skill.

With that said, I thought, here I am, been around and have a sound knowledge of the game, the rules and I am a qualified teacher. I can teach basic skills and I do understand what it takes to develop an athlete. I am involved in the Long term athlete Development program here in KwaZulu Natal. I need to Improve on the mental game coaching side of things.

As a coach I know I can do better by giving my players different advice and they in turn will be able to perform to potential. I, like so many coaches, here in SA am still stuck in the ‘pack all negative thoughts in a box’ and deal with it later method. It makes more sense to teach athletes to ‘handle/deal’ with their feelings. I am trusting this program will equip me with the knowledge on how best to help the athletes.

Marchelle Maroun, Coach

“No more anxiety!” It’s clearly a journey, but in his last wrestling tournament Cole seemed to have no anxiety and was relaxed and having fun. He lost 2 matches in a very tough tournament to get 4th.

I told him I was so proud of the way he handled the pressure of the tournament and the level of competition. This was the first time at a high level event where I didn’t feel like he handicapped himself with anxiety before each match. He lost to two better wrestlers and he gave it his best shot.

He said that was the best he felt after a loss because he didn’t feel like he was holding himself back.

We’re making progress!

Jason Myers, Parent

Hey, Its Hunter, and I looked at the tips on being mentally tough, and watched the video, and I made the Varsity Baseball Team! I am so excited and what yo said helped me out so much! You guys are great!

Hunter C., Athlete

I had James watch the ” and it’s an and world” like you suggested right before his tryout. He got though the tryout and made the team so we are relieved!

Kenny Mayo, Parent

“Training is going well. I just had my son review Module 1, and he’s starting Module 2 today. I’m already seeing a positive impact in his commitment to training. Thanks for checking on us.

Francina Gerald, Parent

“Videos have been helping..”
I’m a student athlete, football, at University of Penn who has faced numerous injuries and have had trouble handling it mentally. Videos have been helping.

Mike Casias , Student Athlete

“He Has Confidence and Belief!”

“It has been going simply amazing for Spencer! He started high school baseball and summer ball as the youngest kid with all the skills, but had that “deer in headlights” look. We thought it would be hard for him to overcome…and now…WOW! So cool! He has Confidence and Belief!! Last night in a 9 inning game, he was put in with the bases loaded and he struck out the first 2 batters…top of the line up!! He’s only 16 and these guys were seniors and some community college players. Thanks for having your skills to bring to people!”

Gina T. Brier, WA – parent of 16 year old baseball player

“You Get Much of The Credit For His New Confidence”

“Doug had an outstanding spring and summer in baseball with you getting much of the credit for his new confidence. In fact he got picked up by a select baseball team from Bellingham to pitch for them during the playoffs.”

Scott Knight – select baseball coach and parent

“Leading the team with hitting”

“Craig, …attached are her stats. As you can see she is leading the team with the hitting.”

Dale Egan – parent of 13 y/o softball player, Monroe WA

“I Was Incredibly Calm”

“Craig, I have to tell you that I was incredibly calm the day prior to the race and during as well. I broke my secret to my husband (about the fact that I’d seen you! : ) and my brother as well and they commented on a HUGE difference in my calmness leading up to the race.”

Iron Man Competitor, Issaquah, WA

“He Won By Heart and Drive”

“Thanks for everything! He won his meet the day he saw you and then his next tournament-that was amazing because he was sick and had had little sleep and he just won by Heart and Drive.”

Marianne Gaul, parent of a varsity wrestler

“Personal Best By Several Minutes”

“Hi Craig, During my marathon, I set a personal best by several minutes even though conditions were very difficult.”

Kayla Gilbertson, Redmond, WA

“She Has Many Tools Now”

“Thank you so much Craig! It was been a pleasure working with you also! I feel like she has many tools now that she is using without a lot of effort. A million thanks for all of your great work with both J* and me! Have a great weekend and we’ll be in touch very soon!”

Trudi Knight – parent of varsity crew coxswain

“He Had a Totally Different Attitude”

“Ron was lit up. He had a totally different attitude. He got 16 points…he was passing, driving it to the hoop, was talking more on the court and being supportive to the other players. Thank you so much.”

Nikki Manchester, Everett WA – parent of 16 year old basketball player

“More Focused and Successful”

“Just wanted to tell you that lately, since working with you, I havenever been more focused and successful in my career and other areas of my life. So many opportunities are now popping up and I’m jumping on them. I wasn’t sure what to expect my first appointment but extremely happy I took that chance. I find it so much easier for me to deal with setbacks and keep moving on towards my goals now. Thank you so much!”

Kerstin Smutny – Stock Car Driver, Las Vegas NV

“Played Some Unbelievable Games…Earning a Scholarship”

“After mental toughness training, I have played some unbelievable games. I accomplished career bests and was able to take over games at times. The result of this has allowed me to play basketball at the collegiate level earning a scholarship.”

Daniel G. – 18 year old basketball player, Seattle