Today we have a special guest post from Peter Fertig, who recently created an award in honor of Hall of Famer Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians.

Mr. Feller, a World War II Navy Veteran, was one of Peter’s heroes not because he was one of the best baseball pitcher’s ever to play in the 20th century, but because of what he gave up to defend this country in an uncertain time in our history.

Hopefully his article will get you thinking honor, what your country means to you and what are your highest values…love to hear your thoughts and reactions in the comments below!

Imagine you are a discovered as a great pitcher who grew up on a farm in Iowa. Imagine you are a sixteen year old senior in high school and you have the chance to pitch in the Major Leagues?

In your first game you strike out 15 players!!!! In your next game out you strike out 17 players. You are now famous. You are in every paper, blog, ESPN shows every pitch you throw. You are as well known as Babe Ruth.

Could you handle the pressure to win in sports? Did your supportive parents instill the values needed for you to be courteous and respectful?

Imagine if you have been in the league for 6 seasons and everyone knows who you are and all of sudden your country needs you. We are at war. You are on the road about to sign a big contract and you hear the news. What would you do?

What if your family depended on your new contract because your dad was dying of cancer and your country says you can stay home and take care of him. Would you go or stay?
Bob Feller answered the call of his country.

He was a proud American who never wavered, never hesitated, he knew what was important. His country needed him and he went into battle.

He spent almost 4 years with the US Navy and became a Chief Petty Officer on the USS Alabama. He was a sailor who loved his country. He was credited with saving countless lives in a defense of our nation in a time of uncertainty.

Do you have these unique characteristics within you? Are you more concerned about glory? Is this what you seek? Making millions with a high profile company in advertisements? Only you can figure out what is important in life-because in the end it is just a game we play, isn’t it?

Peter has done work for St. John’s University, The Baseball Hall of Fame, and The New York Yankees after they won their World Series in 1996. He has also Co-authored The Deal is on Strike Three based off the old poem of ‘Casey at The Bat’.

His book’s foreword is by Mr. Tom Seaver a Baseball Hall of Famer and former pitcher for the 1969 World Series Champion NY Mets and the introduction is by Hall of Famer Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians.

Also contributing is Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. All of these Hall of Famers contributed to the book without asking for any compensation, because they believed in the values the book espouses.

Peter also has worked very hard for years to create The Bob Feller Act of Valor Award named for his hero, a pitcher who set his career aside for three-plus years to serve during World War II, seeking combat duty instead of public relations missions.

To get a copy of his book, click here.