As you buy a ball it looks so perfect with its color, texture and how round it is. You could never determine how  durable it is unless you let it fall and from falling it is expected that it will eventually bounce back. Until it will stay unto the ground as the bounces end. That’s how ball works. More likely you will buy the ball that bounces well and the ball that definitely does not bounce well.

This is just like life, in order to get what you aimed or dreamed you need to surpass the trials that will eventually come for it is part of life.

“Everything’s not going to go perfect. You’re going to have some losses that you’re going to have to bounce back from and some things that are a little unforeseen that you’re going to have to deal with”

– Tony Dungy


Everything in life is not perfect

There is no such thing as perfect. You wished to have a perfect family, a perfect wedding, a perfect birthday, or even a perfect boyfriend but apparently the perfect that you are hoping for does not exist. As you aimed to have a perfect family, there is always trial that you will encounter and will lead you to fall. Fall so deep until you feel that you lose. The next time around you will try again, fall again, and lose again. As you surpass these trials you will lose a lot of things that are important to you like family, friends, even the material things that you treasured.

rising and bouncing back

Trials are built to make you fall and bounce back from falling.

Though you lose a lot, it is just part of living and that’s how life works. Nothing in this world is forever, it will eventually fade. Losing has never been a label that indicates you to stop from trying, but it is a label that tells you to try again and bounce back from where you have fallen. There is always hope from this emptiness that you feel and hope that you can do whatever you dreamed of as you rise again. Never think that when you fall you are already a loser because there is no such thing as loser in this world. Everyone fall from different trials and everyone eventually bounce back after losing things that are important to them. Even though you feel that there is no hope but always remember the more you fall and the more you bounce back means you are nearer to get what you wanted and dream.

rising up

How will you know if you have fallen when you didn’t rise at all? How will you know that you already have bounce back from where you have fallen if you didn’t fall at the first place? This is how mysterious life can be. Even the richest person on earth has trials that they are encountering on their own just like you.

They also lose and stand back up. It’s not about how hard you fall, but it’s about how did you manage bouncing back from falling. Just like a ball you wanted to be perfect from color to texture but as you take your path you will eventually lose your great texture and color by falling and rising again and again.