Fulfill Your Kid’s NFL Dreams


In this article, parents of football players will learn the two most important things they can do to help their young player succeed. There have been numerous studies conducted to find out what highly successful football players have in common. Besides the obvious - talent and hard work - a number of surprising conclusions have come to light. What is at the top of the list? How much the athlete had support at home and the high quality of the coaching. I work with young athletes every day in my office and I always start out by telling the parent how [...]

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Are Your Parents Always Right?


This article is specifically for young athletes. I work with young athletes every day from all over the world in my office and by Skype. A common issue that I see quite often is the athletes that think they know everything they need to know and don’t need to take advice from parents or others in their sport, especially the parents. We all know there’s a natural drive for teenagers to want to establish their independence as a person but that’s not a reason to ignore suggestions that could really help you. You certainly do need to make your own decisions [...]

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Don’t Be Just A Parent, Be A Source Of Inspiration!


I hear this complaint from parents quite often:  “She says he wants to get to the next level but when I remind him he needs to run, lift weights or do drills, she says he’s tired or has to do homework or some other excuse."   Why do they say this? Stop preaching and nagging your athlete. Instead, start INSPIRING them. Think about this, when Wayne Gretzky was a boy, nobody had to remind him to work on his game. He did it out of sheer love, drive, and desire for the game. He would practice 4-5 hours a day, every [...]

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Building Confidence For Youth Baseball Athletes


Every coach and parent knows that youth baseball players perform better when they are confident. It’s no mystery, even to the kid. Truthfully, it’s really quite simple and most parents already know how to do it, but they just don’t do it. It all comes down to these 2 THINGS adults can do to build their child’s confidence in sports or anywhere: 1. Positive encouragement 2. Unconditional approval See, I told you that you knew the answer. So, this article will help you correct the reasons why adults are so terrible in the execution of those principles and how to do it right! [...]

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Focus Tips For Athletes That Coaches And Parents Should Know


When athletes are lacking focus, coaches often say things like: “Get your head in the game!” or “You need to focus out there.” What Do Coaches Need To Understand First? Coaches need to first understand that non-focusing is built into kids’ hard wiring showing as curiosity and exploration in order to learn as much as they can. That’s their job as a kid and it’s actually a very powerful survival mechanism. Now knowing that, you can have some empathy while helping them improve this mental skill instead of thinking they are just being lazy or unmotivated. And yes it is a [...]

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What Parents Need To Know About College Recruiting


The college experience is, in many cases, the most important four years in our children’s lives, as it will shape their personal and professional direction for a lifetime. That being said, securing admission to a college or university that best match a student’s desires, strengths, and aspirations is essential. Student-athletes bring a unique quality to the table when it comes to college admissions. They offer a “special talent” that can improve the institution’s visibility and raise the level of popularity among future attendees. College officials understand this and in many cases, offer strong support to student-athletes both in admissions and financial [...]

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