The Ultimate Source Of Fear

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There is only two things in life that we do fear for. Notice that I say, “we do fear”. Fear is not a noun, it is actually a verb because it is something that we do and if it is something that we do, it is something that we can NOT do as well.


You will perform to your potential when you get rid of the interference.

There’s two kinds of interference

  2. FEAR

And there’s only two kinds of fear:

  1. Physical harm and danger to the body – this pertains to the literal pain, getting physically hurt, and ultimately fearing death.
  2. Emotion – this includes all other fear

So the only two things in life that we do fear for are EMOTIONS and PHYSICAL HARM AND DANGER TO THE BODY.

What if I can teach you how to not be afraid of your emotions?

It starts with the question, “What are emotions?” This is where we begin. There is a very good reason why we get emotions. I ask people and it’s very rare for somebody to come up with the correct answer.

What’s the purpose of emotions?

  • Emotions are your guidance system for your beliefs, programs, and values.
  • Emotions are what keep you on track for what’s important to you.
  • Emotions are nothing more than chemical releases that we have in our body that our unconscious mind releases to tell you something.
  • Emotion are internal communication to let you know how you’re doing in your world right now.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt, US president during WWII

So I’m going to convince you that all emotions are good. You want them. Bring them on. And if I can do that, then you won’t do fear of emotions, and even fear of fear! The only thing left will be fear of physical harm and danger which will be addressed in the next part of this article.


I’m Craig Sigl,
Your Mental Toughness Trainer


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Source Of Fear

  1. Mark Breen

    I’ve been following your thoughts and advice for a few years now, and I love how you continue to whittle away to the essence, the key to mastering not just sports (in my case, golf) but the greater “game” of life. You’ve really earned the title of “Mental Toughness Guru”.
    Many thanks for sharing this, and looking forward to “how”,
    Best to you,

    1. Craig Sigl Post author

      Thank you Mark. I’m really happy that you have the Awareness about going to the “essence” of things. That’s what I want to get across
      because too many coaches teach treating the symptom.

  2. Alex

    Thank you for your awesome tips. I follow you since 2011 and as a sport karate athlete for Canadian team, I passed so many difficult moments in my career, emotions, fear, injuries… All thanks to you!


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