How To Get Over The Fear of Failure

Recently, I was on a coaching call with my mental toughness trainer group teaching them all of my methods and how to do what I do as a business.

When we do these calls, I very much encourage the trainers to ask me questions as I do with clients I work with one-on-one. I believe that we learn extremely effectively by asking questions to help us fill in the blanks between what we already know and what we want to know.

I call this “Integration” and it is a key to getting success in moving to the next level in anything.

Anyway, as I was fielding some really good deep questions from the trainers about athletes/competitors, it occurred to me that before I answered most of them, my brain automatically first sends me a message:

“Where is the FEAR in that question?”

I don’t mean the fear in my trainer, but the fear in the athlete they are referring to. And once I identified it, then I plug that into my other mental structures such as: R.A.C.E. Formula and P = P – I. Then I build an answer from that. I won’t get into the details about how I do that here, but I mention it because, from that, I now firmly believe from my experience in working with thousands of people worldwide now, that:

At the heart of almost all problems is a FEAR

Fear shows up in many ways – worry, anxiety, doubt, tense, nervous, scared, timid, indecision, procrastination, lack of confidence, etc. Yep, fear is at the heart of all of those.

In other words, from my experience in doing this work for years, when I am working to help someone, the first place I go with them is to discover their fears…and then clear them.

So, It probably doesn’t surprise you that, in terms of achieving goals, Fear of failure is the most common source of those fears.

And so in today’s podcast, let’s tackle it head on using my favorite technique: The Deadly Accurate Truth.

Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!

Craig Sigl, The Mental Toughness Trainer and Youth Sports Specialist