Train Your Mind For Focus And Concentration

This article you will learn how to Train Your Mind For Focus And Concentration. Do you remember the crazy movie Animal House?

There is a scene where the devil and an angel are each on one of the shoulders of a frat boy.  “Yeah, you should do this!”
says the devil, but the angel responds, “No, do the right thing!”

This is callefocus and concentrationd “Monkey Chatter”.  It is how must of us get lost in our heads and distracted from the task at hand.

It also causes you to start judging yourself and over thinking.

But it’s not “you” judging yourself; it’s your internal voice that is doing the judging – the drunken monkey. It can be very negative when it says things like, “You’re such a loser. You can’t do this.”

The minute you begin to listen to that inner voice, you’re no longer present in the moment. You begin to completely torture yourself by saying, “You’re right.  I can’t do this!

At this point, you need to bring yourself back to reality by grounding and centering yourself. You do this by taking a
deep breath and telling the voice to “SHUT UP” or “Cancel”.

Have you ever seen the movie Nightshift? Michael Keaton’s character has this crazy internal voice that keeps talking,
and finally, Henry Winkler says to him, “This is Chuck telling
Bob to SHUT UP!”

You have to do the same thing inside your own head. “This is Craig telling the monkey chatter to SHUT UP!” Say it to
yourself and start laughing about it. Calm yourself down and breathe.

You are going to learn a lot more in future posts about how to train your mind to focus and concentrate.

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