D1 Girls Softball Team: I Had A Dream

Erika Mueller - I had a dreamD1 Girl’s Softball Team: I Had A Dream. This is the continuation of Erika Mueller’s Sports blog…

Growing up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest taught me the importance building personal relationships and recognizing the richness of tradition. It also fed my hunger to explore the unknown and build a dream of pursuing something outside of my community and outside of my comfort zone.

Once I entered high school, I had developed the dream to attend college on the East Coast and play Division 1 Girls Softball Team. Now, I had no idea whether this was realistic, but I remained fearless with my goals to play collegiate athletics and I truly advise everyone out there to stay the same way.


Playing softball and baseballSports have always played a role in my life. I grew up watching my older brother play baseball and was one of those few kids in the audience who could actually sit still – I loved watching the game!

It was one of those things where I learned something new every day and observed the process of my brother and his friends improving over time. I remained oblivious to the work and focus that went into the older kids’ successes, yet I admired their skills from the bleachers.

I began playing my own team sports at a young age, as early on as a few years old. I participated in soccer, basketball, baseball… later transitioning to softball and adding cross country to my repertoire during my high school years. Over the years I truly developed into the person I am today thanks to athletics, my teammates, coaches, and parents. It all started with the love of a game.

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