Consistency For High School Golfers – Part 1

high school golfers

This subject of consistency is something I have worked on for myself for many years and led me to develop my mental training product Break 80 Without Practice.

Welcome to the Mental Toughness Academy! I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer for youth athletes and a dedicated golfer.

I wanted to share with you in this video one of the important lessons I teach about the mental side of the game…how to create a preshot routine


What does it take to tap into your automatic golfer and become totally consistent?

How to create a preshot routine for high school golfers

These are the highlights from video.  To learn more watch the video!

1.Make sure you have a purpose for everything in your pre shot routine.  What that means is include the following the elements:

  1. Switch from one mode to the other
  2. Assess the conditions
  3. Pick a small target
  4. Visualize the shot
  5. Alignment
  6. Swing key
  7. Trigger to end it and begin the swing

2. Mastering your emotions. (I will be writing more on this in this blog here. I’ll let you know in email when ready.)

3. Use a rhythm or song in your head to attach to.

4. Purposeful practicing – isolating problems and using drills to ingrain new habits one at a time.

5. Using your Focus abilities sparingly and intensely when needed.

6. Connecting to your unconscious regularly and often

I would love to hear about what has worked for you in your preshot routines in the comments below!  Please be sure to “like” this video at the end and share it with your other golfing friends.

Here’s a link to part 2 of this series: Golf pre shot routine

Greens and fairways,

Craig Sigl, Mental Toughness Trainer

9 thoughts on “Consistency For High School Golfers – Part 1

  1. Raj

    Absolutely amazing stuff!!! I used to be a high handicapper and since going thru pre-shot routine on EVERY shot helped me to be a scratch golfer. Thanks for sharing the great info Craig.



    1. Craig

      My trigger to begin the swing is simply a sentence I say to myself: “I am turning it over to you now”
      …meaning, I am turning the swing over to my unconscious mind. Thanks for comment.

  2. Ralph Rounds

    Brilliant stuff, Craig. I look forward to every segment. It truly helps to eliminate negativity, knowing there’s a great golfer inside hitting the shots with me. Thanks a million times over!

    1. Craig

      Hi Ralph, Thank you. You are exactly right about that! You’ve seen him and felt him before every time you’ve had a great shot. It’s simply internal communication that will bring him out…keep at it


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