How To Build Confidence When Coaching Boys Vs Girls

building confidence in sports

Girls and boys each their have unique needs when it comes training. In this video, Coach Jen Croneberger discusses ways on How To Build Confidence When Coaching Boys vs Girls.

Coach Jen works with many community groups helping girls with leadership, teaching motivation and confidence.


Read on to find out more about the different approaches for you to build confidence among boys and girls. Make your thoughts known by leaving a comment below!

building confidence in sportsBoth boys and girls suffer from confidence issues. I think for females there is a lot more of an “I don’t want to let anyone else down” factor. “I don’t want to disappoint my parents, my coaches, my teammates.” I think for boys it’s a lot of times the ego gets in the way.

That has just been my experience.

It is not in a bad way that the ego gets in the way. It’s in a way that all circles back to “I don’t want to let people down, so I need to be the one to carry the team. I need to be the one to do this.” It is definitely there for both girls and boys. I think it just presents itself differently.

I heard something a long time ago that really stuck with me. Mike Candrea, softball coach from Arizona, he was also the Olympian coach for many years, and he said something that definitely resonated with me. He said boys need to play good to feel good and girls need to feel good to play good.

building confidence in sportsI thought, “Wow,” is he right on? He is right on, because I think understanding a lot of times that boys do suffer from confidence issues.

They are more attached to outcome in a way that if I don’t play well then maybe I am not a good person. I’ve seen that come up a lot where the self-concept attaches to the outcome of how well they played today.

As for with girls, if they go into a situation where they are not feeling well – not just physically, but emotionally, mentally — it is a lot harder for them to feel confident.

Because too often girls rely on other people to make them feel good, instead of looking inside and realizing that I have enough within myself to be confident to be able to do this.

building confidence in sportsJen Croneberger has been involved in sports since a very young age. She was the CEO/Founder of Excellence Training Camps, Inc. and is president of JLynne Consulting. She has held numerous coaching positions and was the Mental Game Coach for the (NPF) Women’s Professional Softball Team, a well as other the top travel softball teams in the eastern US.
Most of her last 10 years have been spent working with athletes, instilling confidence and building strength, both mentally and physically. To know more about Jen you can visit her website by clicking here.

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