Learn How To Control Emotions – Allen Fox, Tennis Coach

how to control emotions

What separates the professionals from the everyday player?

Learn how to control your emotions from tennis great, Allen Fox, author of 4 books on the mental game of tennis and former professional player, it is our ability to override our emotional response to give up when faced with extreme pressure.

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So why can some players withstand pressure and other players fold?

Learn from the mental game of tennis expert, former pro and renowned coach Dr. Allen Fox in this video interview.

Watch this interview Craig did with Dr. Fox to learn more about how to control emotions.


how to control emotionsTo purchase any of his amazing books on the mental game go to his website AllenFoxTennis.net

2 thoughts on “Learn How To Control Emotions – Allen Fox, Tennis Coach

  1. Tommy Pavia

    That’s about as good as it gets!

    Spot On Dr. Allen….

    Although I am a Wrestling Coach and Long-Time mental Skills Coach – I so appreciate the VALUE of the CONTENT you just shared….

    Absolutely DYNAMITE!

    Keep it coming Craig – Outstanding!

    Coach Tommy Pavia
    “The Maniac” Mental Skills Coach
    Founder of the Triple Threat Wrestling School

    1. Craig

      Thanks for the comment Tommy. Now, as a whole, wrestlers are probably one of the most mentally tough athletes out there! You don’t even begin to train as a wrestler unless you have a certain amount of mental toughness. Bravo!



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