A Determined Athlete Never Quits

Once again, what is Mental Toughness?


This is the easy one because we already do it, we already have the brain. When you get rid of the interference, focus could be really easy. You learn how to direct your thoughts to give you plenty of things to put your mind on. Remember the Ferrari Mind

I already covered that with separate trainings, articles, and tools. You also have to get rid of the interference here. 

Now this is big because this is motivation. This is the drive and desire and it can overcome anything. This is the fuel that is going to get you to do the work and to clear the interference. This is the fuel that is going to keep you going when things don’t go well. It will keep you in an empowered place so that you can fix things that are not going well with you.

Determination and resilient kind of work hand in hand. It is about never giving up. Find that by looking for times in your past, and write it down in your journal if you want so you have it there:

  • When  you come back.
  • When you have shown determination
  • When you done things when it was difficult
  • When you have pushed yourself through. Everybody has experiences like this.

My Own Story Of Adversity

Now let me just tell you where I got mine from. Mine comes from the worst adversity I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was literally on anti-depressants, my entire body I was in sickness from all kinds of stress related illnesses. I was going to psychologists, chiropractors, medical doctors regularly. They just all basically kept me going.

I’m in better shape today at 52 than I was in my 30’s. Like I said, I was diagnosed with clinically depressed and I ended up having zero money, got out of a relationship, quit my job, cleaned up my retirement account and doing what I’m doing right here. I look at where I am at today and I draw strength and I am grateful for having been to the bottom of the barrel and knowing that I pulled myself out of it once and I can always do it again. That’s determination, find your story of adversity!

So how do you expand your emotional fuel tank that can keep you going?

To help you get started with that, anytime you want to just find strength, think about things you are already passionate or cared deeply about.

A pet? 

An issue in the world you want to solve?

A movie?

A book or a story?


Recognise that and every time you come in contact or think about these things in purpose, then ANCHOR IT! 

Remember the anchor? It is your symbol or movement! This will pick you back up when things don’t go well for you.

I’m Craig Sigl,
Your Mental Toughness Trainer

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