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The ‘How To’ to better development of a hockey player can be very complicated.  There are so many off ice hockey instructions and exercises out there we wonder who to believe. When I am speaking to young hockey players I always suggest keeping things to the basic movements in hockey which include certain muscle groups. You can’t go wrong with these:

The muscle groups I am speaking of are, stomach (core), quads (major muscle in the leg) and your hamstrings. Of course there are minor muscles that are used as well which is explained in each of these exercises and drills.


First: Split Squats (Can use dumbbells with this exercise as well)




1.) Being in a standing position. Jump into a split leg position, with one leg forward and one leg back, flexing the knees and lowering your hips slightly as you do so.

2.) As you descend, immediately reverse direction, standing back up and jumping, reversing the position of your legs. Repeat 5-10 times on each leg.



Main Muscle: Hamstrings
Other Muscles: Calves, Glutes, Quadriceps


Second: Low Lateral Skate Hop





1.) Begin in a stance on one leg with the standing knee and hip slightly bent. Your hands can be on your hips.

2.) Laterally hop to the other foot, accelerating off the initial stance foot.

3.) Land (softly and quietly) on the heel and foot and decelerate through the hip, knee and ankle joint. Pause only long enough to control the landing without touching the other foot down.

4.) Repeat movement back to the other side.

5.) Beginning tempo should be only as fast as you can control without touching the non-work foot down.

6.) Repeat this back and forth, hopping 10-15 times per side. Rest and repeat 3 times on each side.

7.) For progression you can: 1) speed up the tempo 2) make the lateral hop bigger and more powerful or 3) upon landing the hop, touch the opposite hand to the outside of the planted foot (you must squat lower to achieve this).



Third: Bungee Hip Lock



Main Muscles: Stomach, shoulder, upper arms



1.) Standing sideways from the bungee attachment. Coming off your back leg around and finishing on the front leg and then pivoting on back toe.

2.) Locking your hips through the core rotation.

3.) Using the core and shoulder movement together always starting in a low position and rising up to the finish.

4.) Be low positioned and fire it through, driving your core and shoulders just like taking a slap shot.


It’s a fact, a well-conditioned player will outplay another one with more talent a lot of the time.  Young hockey players who want to get to the next level understand that there’s a lot more to it than having fun on the ice.  Use these exercises and watch your game dramatically improve.

Coach Nye


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