Connecting With The Inner Mind,
C. in The R.A.C.E. Formula

In this podcast, we are going to continue on with how you can make LONG TERM CHANGE for improving your life and living to the true you.

C. in the RACE formula stands for CLEAR.

Everything I teach builds off this:

Performance = Potential – Interference.

What you want to do is simply CLEAR your interference, it’s a 2-part process.

Connect to the inner mind

Deliver the Antidote to the inner mind

You can come up with the greatest advice in the world but if you don’t get it to the body, the inner mind, then the old programs stored there will continue to exist and all the affirmations in the world will do nothing.


Craig talks about how you can connect with your inner mind which is step 1 in achieving the change in yourself through clearing the mental baggage.


This does all the thinking, decision making, and choosing. This leads us to a certain part of life and this gives us free will and choices

This governs all your automatic functions such as your beliefs, values, etc. The unconscious mind is responsible for keeping you alive.

These are just some of the important terms in the podcast. Craig takes you through these terms and explains their function and how knowing these can help you achieve the change that you wanted!

Know more about how you can do this and listen to the podcast below to get you started on the right track to change. See you there!