Erika Mueller collegiate student-athlete

I want to introduce you to our new collegiate student-athlete
 Erika Mueller.  She is a Division 1 softball player at Brown 
University. She will be chronicling for us her story about going
 from high school to captain of her team at Brown and the mindset
 she had to develop to get there. 

We thought this would be valuable for you to get insights into 
the teen athletes minds and what it takes to get into a top university and
 excel in playing sports there. I encourage you to pass on to
 your young athlete anything you find valuable from her lessons 
and learnings.

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The Mental Toughness Academy is proud to bring you expertise
 from coaches, other sports parents, student athletes, trainers
 and Craig, of course! We are creating the “go to” resource for
all things related to creating a champion mindset in youth

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Hi, I’m Erika Mueller currently a student and Division 1 softball player at Brown University. I was asked by the Mental Toughness Academy to write this blog to allow readers a window into the mind of a female collegiate student-athlete.

picture of brown universityMy goal is to introduce you to my academic and athletic background, take you through my high school years as I worked tirelessly to market myself to college softball coaches, and then describe to you my first two years as a D1 student-athlete at an Ivy League school over 3,000 miles away from home.

I hope to recount my wavering mindsets and emotional journey throughout my athletic career and permit you to enter my current day experiences. Once we are all caught up, I will be updating you on my junior softball season as I struggle to bounce back from a season ending injury and am privileged with the responsibility of captaining my college team.


Growing up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest taught me the importance building personal relationships and recognizing the richness of tradition. It also fed my hunger to explore the unknown and build a dream of pursuing something outside of my community and outside of my comfort zone.

Once I entered high school, I had developed the dream to attend college on the East Coast and play Division 1 softball. Now, I had no idea whether this was realistic, but I remained fearless with my goals to play collegiate athletics and I truly advise everyone out there to stay the same way.


Wait for the second part of this series as we delve deeper into teen athletes minds