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The Story Of Coach Max

A little bit of background about Coach Max:

Max was an excellent basketball coach who knew little about mental coaching. He knows every drill ever designed and is a real student of the game.

He long ago dedicated himself to creating excellence in his players and for his own career. His Varsity High School team had always done reasonably well since Max took over and he has earned the respect of his community and players.

Arising problem of Coach Max:

But Max wants more. He has applied for coaching jobs at the next level and always seems to get passed over for other coaches, some of them had win-loss records that weren’t as good as his.

After the last interview where he didn’t get the job he wanted, he decided to take a serious look at himself as a coach and so he interviewed his players and their parents to find out ways that he could improve his coaching.


The light bulb moment of Coach Max:

While everyone was highly complimentary of his style that emphasized hard work, the fundamentals, and conditioning he picked up some subtle hints that he was missing something. He hadn’t paid much attention to mental game coaching!

Max’s coaching problem:

As he looked back on the last few seasons, he remembered how certain players just didn’t seem to play up to their potential. He had enough experience to see the talent that had just not shown up at game time.

He thought about how he had brushed off tell-tale negative comments by players as simply a “weakness of the mind” and that those players just can’t cut it.

He began to wonder how many games he had lost by just a point or two that might have turned into wins had his team been playing like they do in scrimmages and pick-up games.


He knew all about “performance anxiety in sports” but he figured that hard work was the answer and those that didn’t buy in would wash out of the system.

He began to think about all of the talent that he had thrown away or wasted over the years with this attitude. He vowed to turn it all around and incorporate mental coaching for his teams.

Coach Max’s resolution to his problem:

Max began studying the NBA coaches like Phil Jackson, considered the greatest NBA coach of all time, who earned the nickname “Zen Master.” Jackson won 11 championships as a coach with 2 teams and was huge into coaching the mental game of basketball. Max found that there isn’t a whole lot about drills and conditioning in Jackson’s works.

He came to me and ordered the Mental Toughness Academy and began his journey into learning how to coach mental toughness to his players beyond the obvious and usual advice that you “just have to work harder to get mentally tough.” Max started incorporating mental exercises in drills.

The new and improved Coach Max:

When players came to him off the court, he seemed to know exactly what they needed in order to overcome their fears when he gave them bigger perspectives. When he witnessed a player becoming timid on the court, he knew that it’s because the player had shifted focus to winning instead of the reasons why he plays the game which only put pressure on that player personality type.

Max had answers for every problem his players presented and became known locally as the basketball wizard. Max’s team began dominating the region but more importantly, he fell asleep each night replaying scenes of the parents and players telling him how he positively impacted their life beyond basketball.

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