Antidote For Physical Harm In Sports

What are the next beliefs or problems that you need to clear out to perform your best?

It’s the fear of physical harm and danger to the body. Like everything else, you need to come up with some antidotes to clear them out.

So what are really the problems? 

  • PAIN

What is the first antidote for pain?

“It’s worth the risk!”

So if this is your issue, go and get  your journal. You want to write down the whole list of reasons why it’s worth it. Make it this huge list! The bigger the better and the more you can generate emotions from it, the more it’s going to create this big huge and overwhelming “it’s worth it” belief.

Pain is somewhat subjective and how you think about it. This is another skill, ability, and gift we have that when pain gets to be too much, part of our brain shuts it down or literally allows us to ignore it.

Now, even though it’s worth it, we might get some pain in our sport. Tell yourself that:

“I’ll deal with it when it comes.”

“I can handle it!”

What is the second antidote for fear of pain?

“Pain is subjective to some degree or to a hundred percent!”

There is this term that we call PHANTOM PAIN. This is the people who experience pain that in an arm or limb that they don’t have anymore. There are things you could do with pain and you are not a complete victim when it happen. If you’re prepared for it and it’s worth it, the fear goes down and out goodbye!

I’m Craig Sigl,
Your Mental Toughness Trainer

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