So, you want to turn your negative thinking into positive thinking?

Most coaches tell you to just force your mind to do it and make it a habit. Blah blah blah…that doesn’t work so well does it?

What you really have to do is first reduce or eliminate the negative thinking and then positive thinking will take over.

We all have this natural think about positive thoughts which comes from our desire to achieve/accomplish something. We think about the thing we want and then imagine how good it would be to have it. That’s positive thinking at it’s purest form. You have to mentally train all of this.

Unfortunately, our default thinking is to go negative first.

This is a survival mechanism and it’s done very well for the human race in making us the dominant species on the planet. Not so well for us individuals wanting to think positively and create confidence that fuels us to take action to achieve our goals!

The first step in creating the habit of thinking about what we want is to understand why we do the negative thinking so that we can then do something about it.

I will explain here in the video that “Negative thinking” is actually a good thing that we do to help us prevent bad things from happening in our life. The problem is not that we do “Negative thinking” but that we do it too much, right?

…and it becomes self destructive.

The reason we do that is because, generally, it is a useful, positive function and when we worry about bad things happening, it’s our Go-To method to help prevent the bad thing from happening.

The way it works is…If we can think about the bad thing and all the possibilities surrounding it, maybe we can take action to prevent that bad thing from happening. That’s the function of negative thinking! And we have embedded this idea very strongly in our unconscious programming. Some people overdo it more than others.

So, If we can first understand the positive function of “negative thinking,” and then learn more effective methods of preventing bad things from happening, then that overactive function will start to moderate to be used only when it’s useful!

Secondly, watch the video and you will see that the core REASON for the negative thinking is because of FEAR of the bad thing happening.

To take this to the next level of stopping overdoing the negative thinking, what we want to do is to remove the FEAR of the bad thing happening. This removes the cause of the negative thinking! The way to do this is to realize that some bad things are not bad things. You’ll see what I mean when I post the follow up to this video.

This video is a clip of me working with a teen hockey player but the concepts apply to anyone wanting to achieve a goal and getting hindered by the effects of too much negative thinking.

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