Clearing With The Correct Antidote,
C. in The R.A.C.E. Formula

In this week’s podcast, we continue on the subject of making that lasting change that you need in your life.

You may wonder why we are on the fourth podcast and still talking about this.

Well change is a hard thing to do and many people fail in doing this without them knowing that they are even failing.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of an effective and ultimate change.

While it is easy to say that you can change overnight, the hard part is actually maintaining this change that is why Craig takes you through the very core of each step for you to successfully achieve this.

Now that you have learned how to connect with your mind (Podcast Episode #3: Connecting With The Inner Mind – A. in The R.A.C.E. Formula), you are now ready to take the next step.

In this podcast, Craig will introduce you to the concept of “ANTIDOTE” and how you can use this as a powerful force to change.

Know more about how you can do this and listen to the podcast below to get you started on the right track to change. See you there!