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We at Mental Toughness Academy are committed to helping youth sports athletes in all areas of their sports. If you hope to get a college scholarship or play for the pros, the self image you present is going to be very important.

Today’s article is Part 3 of a series of articles on how to Promote A Positive Self Image For Athletes to help build self confidence and improve your self image.

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The Image away from Competition: You would think that once a competition is complete and an athlete has gone home or out afterwards, he/she can forget about the image he/she represents and can do whatever he/she wants.

The truth is that aspiring elite-level athletes must understand that they will always be under supreme scrutiny with every action and all public conduct will be monitored completely by scouts, potential coaches and organizations.

The introduction of social media (e.g., facebook, twitter) has left each athlete susceptible to terrible horrors.

For example, every social media comment athletes provide do become public knowledge and may be open to negative implications.

Developing the skills to enhance one’s image through social media has become a crucial part of development for all aspiring elite-level athletes.

They must learn to use this effective method of communicating in a way that will enhance their image, not destroy it with one push of the word “send.”

ATTENTION ATHLETES: Never say or print anything you do not want the world to know.

Never rely on someone else to keep your comments confidential, as this can result in negative outcomes!

CONCLUSION: An athlete’s image is an essential component for reaching a high level of success in sports.

How an athlete conducts him/herself outside of competition is crucial.

Topic areas such as; the visual athlete,the skill of interviewing and the image away from competition are three important skills that every aspiring elite-level athlete must attend to throughout his/her development years.

Aside from training hard, developing sport-specific skills and performing well, athletes must begin to consider their image and how others perceive them both in and around the sports environment!


Brent Bradford, Academy Dean & Founder of Bradford’s Goal Academy™, is a Professional Goaltender Coach. After teaching Elementary and Junior High School for 10 years, Brent returned recently to the University of Alberta to become a Teacher Educator and to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy Degree.

In 2011, he was recognized as an award-winning Teacher Educator at the University. In 2010, Brent, who is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, authored a Hockey Resource Book (i.e., Goaltenders are not Targets:

Vic LeMire, President & Founder of Vic’s Hockey Schools & Equipment Ltd.™ (1973 – 2004) is a true pioneer in the Game of Hockey. He developed ground-breaking methods of goaltender instruction through countless specialized classes worldwide.

Vic is recognized as a best-selling author of 4 Hockey Resource Books (e.g., Goaltenders are not Targets, Off the Post: Vic has coached numerous Professional, University, College and Junior hockey players and goaltenders worldwide.