How To Confidently Believe In Yourself

In this article, we are going to tackle confidence:

  • how to build confidence
  • how to feel confident more often
  • how to own confidence
  • how to bring it up when you need it

Confidence is nothing more than having the “I CAN” attitude be greater than the “I CAN’TS” attitude. Our natural tendency is to think of all the I can’ts. So you have got to literally build that muscle just like you train your ability to shoot, to pass, to skate, and do all these things through drills. You have got to drill on your I CAN. 

So I have two simple tools in building your I CAN attitude.
One of them is:

  1. To keep a confidence journal
    This is like a personal little book. At the end of every practice or every game, you write down in that book what you did well or what you did right. It doesn’t matter if you did thirty things wrong. You just write down what you did well and if you had an amazing game or amazing period while you are out there, then you really want to write about it. What were you thinking before you went out, how were you feeling when you were out there, just write it in as much detail as you can. You want to do this when it is fresh in your mind, right after it happens.

Why is it important for you to keep a journal?

You are going to build up this list of all the things you did well so you have something to counter your “I cant” attitude. Since we are preprogrammed to think of the “I can’ts”, you have got to have this mechanical means of building your “I cans” which is your confidence journal. 


There are a couple of list that I want you to write down:

  • You will write down all the things you have succeeded at in the past. This includes everything you have accomplished and getting to the level you are at right now should be your number one.
  • Then the second part of that is, “What about me made those things happened?” 

For example:

“I got here because I am an awesome skater.”

How do you know that? 

“Because coach said so.”

“I heard it from my teammates.” 

“I’m stronger and faster.”

You really want to get specific as possible, then you can bring things outside your sport like:

“I passed my tough exam!”

“Some girl I asked out said yes to me!”

What about me made that happen?

“Well, I’m good looking and I’m funny!”

“I’m really good with numbers because I’m a good listener.” 

You can have this whole list of all your skills, abilities, and talent that you have proven to use and you are going to use these two list that I’ve just asked you to do and read them when you need it.


Because we always and totally forget about these stuff since we are always focused on the mistakes and wrong things that we did. 

You have got to practice doing this and when you have it on paper, you can literally grab it and read it. This is an important reminder of your I can’s. Before a game you go over that in your head and if you can’t remember them, then you have got to have your confidence journal with you and read it just before a game and do nothing else. You have to fuel that Ferrari mind with truths, facts, and stuff about you that have already proven to yourself. 

And then guess what happens? You release some confidence chemicals! 

I’m Craig Sigl,
Your Mental Toughness Trainer

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