As an athlete, performer, or competitor, not being able to push yourself past your comfort zone is one of the major mental blocks. First off, I operate under this principle: Performance = Potential – Interference. This means that you will play, compete, or perform your best when you have no interference or mental and emotional blocks.

What do you call this mental block?

To be able to clear this mental block, let us call it self sabotage. It is extremely helpful to understand it first and then you can take it apart. Let me explain your solution to this problem using my 4-step R.A.C.E. Formula for mental toughness which I developed from my experience working with thousands of athletes and performers over the years.

This is the vehicle that will transport you to clearing this mental block. It is what I use for everything now to help my clients acquire mental toughness.

(The R.A.C.E. Formula)

  1. R stands for Relentless
    This means you must be relentless about your ability and desire to change these automatic thought responses that seemingly are out of your control. Remember that they are not out of your control. I give you the tools to believe you can change this and to actually do it. You just cannot give up on it and I promise you, it will soon go away.The video above starts the process for you.
  2. A stands for Awareness
    Let us go there this mental block. The negative mind is a destructive (to your performance) occurrence that originates from a very useful, natural function – your problem-solving ability. Let’s call it the analytical function. Everybody has this function to some degree and it helps you figure things out. It is normally a very helpful and useful mental gift you have.Those that have this function to a high degree have to be very careful, however when it comes to sports and performing. What happens is this function gets corrupted, just like a virus corrupts computer programs and apps.

  3. Which brings us to C which is for Clear
    You see, I believe that there is always a reason why we do everything we do and there is a reason why we respond and react like we do and that goes for the sabotaging mind just the same. You have to clear the reason why the sabotaging happened, the wholehearted destructive beliefs.Here’s the kicker: You have to do it at the inner mind programming, or bodily level. You can’t just think it up here. Once these beliefs get embedded in your inner mind programming, you have to come up with a counter-belief that will dissolve it. Then you have to get that into where the programming lives, your bio-operating system which is your body.

    Disappointed tennis playerTypical mental viruses or beliefs I help my clients destroy are:

    “I’m not a good finisher.”
    “I don’t deserve to win.”
    “I never start out good.”
    “I’m not fast enough.”
    “Other people win, not me I can’t …(fill in the blank)”

    So how do you clear these thoughts?

    To clear those kinds of bodily programming, you have to have first the right counter thought for you and you have to get it from your head to your body. How do you do that? Well, I could teach for hours on that and that principle runs through everything I do and is the reason why I have such a high success rate with my clients. However, the gist of it is this:

    The best way to get to your inner mind is to intend to do so and practice doing so. I do this, in part, for my clients with guided visualizations.

  4. E for Emotional Mastery
    This is the final piece for the self sabotager. Your beliefs have been operating for a long time, even if you were to be successful at clearing them out, you still have a lifetime of how you react and think when you feel bad. These emotional habits are just as destructive as the original sabotaging belief. Think about this, when you feel bad, for any reason, you tend to think negatively about things right? You see the world through negative lenses. You let your mind follow your body! You feel bad and think bad. You are a slave to your difficult emotions!

Finishing strong

You have to break free of those chains. If you want to break through the invisible barriers you have built around yourself. That is why my emotional mastery process does as part of the R.A.C.E. formula.

Emotions that keep you in the negative cycle:

  • Defeatism
  • Procrastination
  • Unmotivated

Thoughts lead to emotions which lead to bodily feelings which leads to performance and actions.

Thoughts >> Emotions >> Feelings >> Performance/Action.

If the self-sabotaging mind is your challenge, The R.A.C.E. formula eliminates the mental baggage and puts you in charge of your emotions.

I’m going to send you an email tomorrow to pick up where I left off here to give you more tools for all of this. Look for it. If you want to get a jumpstart on my programs right now, I’ve got links below. The R.A.C.E. Formula always works when you work it. Let’s do this!

I’m Craig Sigl,
Your mental toughness toughness trainer