Hey how’s it going? I’m Craig Sigl, I’m what you call a Mental Toughness Trainer.

Why should you care about watching this video?

Well, if you play sports or are a performer or in some kind of competition, I can help you play and perform a LOT better than you are today. Does that interest you?

And, the biggest thing I teach kids, is how to be fearless. Now, I don’t mean fearless like you are all of a sudden going to go out and do dangerous things.

I mean you’re going to stop worrying. You’re going to stop getting so nervous. You aren’t afraid of disappointing others like your parents and coach. That’s why. Follow me here…

So, let me first just tell you that I have been specializing in coaching kids just like you, for years. Hundreds of them in person and thousands of them in internet video trainings just like this.

Now, I’m not going to try to tell you that I know exactly what you’re going through because it’s been a long time since I’ve been your age. But, I will tell you. I know more than most any other adults because I talk to tons of kids like you and have heard their stories and I have lots of success in helping them. Like this:

So what is this whole “Mental Toughness Trainer” thing all about and how is what I offer going to help you?

Well, if this is the first time you’ve ever heard about “mental training” for your sport or performing, then let me just say it’s no different than you practicing your skills like you’ve been doing. You’re working on your physical skills in practice right? The more you do it, the better you get, right? And you have a coach that teaches you these skills, right? That’s exactly what I am is a “mental skills” coach.

So, for example. Did you know that having confidence is a mental skill? And that you can learn it just like a physical skill? Wouldn’t you play a lot better if you felt confident every time you went out there? That’s mental toughness.

Here’s another typical thing I help young athletes with. Have you ever noticed that you play really well in practice and scrimmages and then when it comes to game or competition time, you don’t do nearly as well? Yep, that’s a mental toughness thing too. Easily fixed so you play your absolute best, even when you feel pressure in competition.

Or how about this? Do you get worried about going against tough opponents? When I was your age, I was the smallest boy in all my classes, for years. Everyone was always way taller and bigger than me. Here’s a couple pictures of me and my teams to show you. I was always going against tougher opponents.

Or sometimes it works the other way…I’ve worked with lots of kids who were the tallest for years and then all of a sudden, everyone catches up to them and they stop winning and being the best…That’s rough. If that’s you, I have solutions to get you back to the top of your game. That’s mental toughness.

Or how about when you blow it or make mistakes and you get all down on yourself? Doesn’t feel good does it? It’s not easy to play when you feel like that is it? I can teach you the simple way to shrug off making mistakes really easy so you get back to playing your best asap.

That’s mental toughness.

Sound interesting to you yet?

And finally. Your parents. Listen, if they have sent you to this video to watch, it’s because they want to help you. Now, I’ve had tons of kids and their parents in my office and I know that plenty of parents go just a little overboard with their helping you. Some actually put pressure on their kids. You know what I mean… I am going to give you the tools to be able to deal with your parents. I’m a parent of 2 boys myself whom I guided to sports success. One got a college scholarship as a golfer and the other one took up tennis as a sophomore in High School and became the captain of the team as a senior. Both of them are fearless. This is what I want for you as well. Your first step should be to start training in my online Mental Toughness Academy for youth sports. It’s designed for kids up to about 16 or so. If you’ve done some mental training before or are right at that 16+ age range, then possibly my Advanced Mental Toughness might be right for you.

Feel free to ask me questions below in the comments. You can ask without using your real name if you want privacy. I am big on giving kids their privacy when they work with me.

Alright, Let’s do this. See you in the training.