teaching mental toughnessTraining your athlete to be mentally confident can be tough, when you are trying to fit in drills and training in the short amount of time you get with them. We get it!

However working the mental game into your training will greatly improve your athletes overall performance in the long run. We have seen to be true having worked with 1000’s of athletes.

In this video, Craig, the mental toughness trainer for youth athletes is sharing how to teach mental confidence to a group of coaches at the Pacific Northwest Coach’s conference…

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Making Athletes Mentally Confident

Get the Kids on Board

Say something like “Hey! A lot of your problems are due to your lack of working on yourmental game.”

Point out a specific time when they did really well and felt fabulous about it. And if you can when they do, do something fabulous at a game or practice, interview them. Or even better yet, carry around a recorder and ask them, “What worked for you? What was going on?”

I can’t tell you how teaching mental toughnessmany times I’ll ask a kid about their best performance.
“Oh my gosh, I jumped 40 feet, what happened? I don’t quite remember.”
But ask a kid, “what about your worst time?” They can tell you all the details about their worst time.

So this is really important for you as a coach, when you see great performances, even if it’s in training – get all over it. Get it on record, take their words down and reflect it back to them later when they’re feeling low.

Then they’ll start to realize, “Wow, you know look at that – my thoughts actually created that. I can recreate that thinking that I had that day.” Or maybe it is some ritual they had that day like they ate their cereal a certain way. Fine tell them to go eat their cereal the same way every day before a competition. It doesn’t matter.

It’s when they start believing in themselves on their own and you’re backing them up that they then go, “Wow! There is something to this mental game.” Then you can start giving them the tools, which we’re going to go into next, starting with focus in sports.

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teaching mental toughness
Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!

I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer.