Think Like An Underdog And Win Competitions!

Win With An Underdog Mental Attitude

Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to play loose and free in heavy competition when you’re the underdog? When you don’t expect to win? When everyone thinks your opponent is better?

IGolfer's mentalityt’s a sports cliche even in top pro sports that the competitor with “nothing to lose” is the most dangerous to play, especially when playing at home. In the sport of golf, they take it a little further and actually say to look out for the golfer who has a cold or a sore throat. Golf being such a mental game that if you have this underdog mental attitude from being sick, you actually have an advantage!!

How Is Being An Underdog An Advantage?

Think about this for a second. That “underdog” attitude is all made up in our heads. It’s not real. Nothing we “think” about is actually real. We can think anything we want and nobody can do anything about it if we don’t want them to.

Mental attitude

Win with an underdog mentality!

What if you were to go out there in every competition “pretending” that you are the underdog. Pretending is just a thought like any other thought. What if you were to take a few moments before going out there and just talk yourself into a place where could play loose and free because there were no expectations on you to win?

You can! And How Can You Do That?

Think like an underdog

Winners know how to direct their thoughts.

This takes some practice and I would recommend that every night before you go to bed before your next game or competition, you imagine yourself showing up to the competition with that mental attitude as the underdog.

How would you stand and walk as the underdog? How would you talk differently?

Let me leave you with this one thought about this topic today. Can you now see how your imagination can be a potent weapon of yours to help you play your best?

Winners know how to direct their thoughts. Winners win in advance.

I’m Craig Sigl,
Your Mental Toughness Trainer

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